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Is there any way to see WMR controllers in Unity's EditorXR?

I have yet to successfully get the controllers to show up in EditorXR (VR Editor), and when I try to enter EditorXR in a Win Universal Platform project, it shows a sort of half 180 degree world for an instant than fails out,... There must be a way !



  • WoodyWoody
    edited February 2018

    Well, OCULUS Must have seen my struggles here with Microsoft, WMR and the Odyssey:
    On Saturday, instead of Replacement controllers from Samsung - a complete (and completely unexpected) Full RIFT Bundle came in the mail via UPS!
    Oculus must have seen me having trouble WORKING with WMR & Odyssey and decided to pull a developer back into the fold. Perfect! I'm back, with THEM
    The fact I can post 2 separate forum requests for help here, simply on how to Work and Develop with WMR in Unity EditorXR and not get a single response, proves to me, this is already a zombie. Walking dead.
    Typical Windows, typical Microsoft, typical Samsung. I realized looking into my Rift, the visuals are actually better!, With the Odyssey I can see a black 'moat' around every pixel, causing much more SDE ironically, than on the Rift, on which there is hardly any dip in brightness between pixels!
    THANKS OCULUS FOR LETTING ME SEE THE LIGHT! I'll keep my Odyssey I guess, I have hopes of applying a filter directly over each screen to slightly soften the SDE like people did with the first 2 Rifts!


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