Does NOT register Acer WMR Dev Kit

Sigh.... Frustrating... So frustrating... First it did, made it through initial setup via Portal. Then I downloaded SteamVR for WMR. That didn't work for games or UE4 editor.... So, I unplugged it. Went back to Vive.

Today, I was like let's try this again. Unplugged Vive AND Rift completely from system, uninstalled Portal... Then deleted Acer dev kit driver (this was definitely probably most likely super dumb BTW) and anything else related to WMR via Add/Remove Programs.

Okay... Then... Restarted PC, tried WMR ...nada...not a single light inside. Motion Controllers turned on though.

Stuck on "Connect your headset" in Portal.

How the heck can I download all the necessary drivers?! My GoogleFu failed me, tried every single troubleshoot page I could.... Nothing about missing drivers except for hololens....

I need Acer HMD drivers and probably other crap...why wouldn't Windows register missing stuff after plugging the device into a USB 3.0 after the uninstalls?

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