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Microsoft, Will you enable Motion Controllers with HoloLens?


Based on a previous discussion, it looks like the motion controllers are not very functional when used with HoloLens. I think this is a mistake. I realize that the absolute position of the motion controllers cannot be determined and updated without the camera hardware to see the ring of LEDs, but, as an input device with buttons, and a touchpad and for relative movement of objects using the accelerometer, the motion controllers have real utility in HoloLens. I'm sure it's likely trivial to make these aspects of the motion controllers work.

Microsoft, please don't limit our creativity. Let us, as developers, see what we can do with this hardware. Please make the API work to the extent that it can. Even if it's just access to the accelerometer data and button events.

If you don't think there is utility, look at this demo of a Google Daydream motion controller with HoloLens - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bvEu5RxTB7w

The Microsoft Mixed Reality Motion Controllers would probably work even better than the Daydream.




  • @Tony There are rumors that they are already in the process of developing a controller specifically for the HoloLens.


    AR Developer

  • I've seen the patent filings. I can't really use that to plan or test anything. And my post is almost a philosophical one. I would prefer, particularly at this early stage of development, to not be restricted from creatively using the available hardware for input. I have no problem with restricting the high level API's with detected gestures and stuff, but I always want to have low level API access that gives me the raw values to use.

    I totally get that Microsoft has an internal roadmap that probably shows some alternate control device for the final HoloLens which we'll probably see sometime this year. But whatever that control device is, it will have buttons and accelerometer, so I don't see why we can't get that access today.

  • @Tony with Unity it is fairly simple to implement a controller ahead of time without knowing what all of the buttons that it will have. All you have to do is set it up with something like an Xbox controller and then change it later. A "Jump" button in Unity is the same as any other "Jump" button all you have to do is define what the jump button is.

    AR Developer

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