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WMR crashes constantly

I switched in to windows insider to allow the controller haptics to function.

But now WMR is incredibly unstable - sometimes it lasts 5 secs before crashing, other times I can last 30 mins before crashing.

But right now every VR session ends with a crash.

Is this a feature of windows insider, or is there something I can do to make WMR more stable?


  • Are you on slow, fast, or skip ahead? I had one issue with a previous build where it turned on some diagnostics that didn't shut off when it was over, it caused some performance issues. This latest skip ahead version has some issue with CDPUserService that causes it to -constantly- have high cpu. It's painful streaming shows/movies and makes WMR studder unless I stop it. Other than that, I've had zero issues. I'm just using the store apps, are you doing SteamVR or Revive?

  • i think i'm on fast.

    im using steamVR. i get crashes in the cliff house before i even open steamVR though.

    i've looked for CDPUservice. in task manager it's currently 'suspended', along with a whole bunch of other stuff...

  • it hasn't crashed for 5 days! amaze balls..

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