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Mind Keys

I don't know how to take down the last post, calling this virtual reality software Awakening Moment, but wrote about why that name doesn't work well at least as an overall marketing plan on my blog. However, this name appears to be more descriptive. For now.


Just pointing out, that the Hololens is not essential to this software. However, right now Hololens is the only platform that it does run on. Just saying, it would in fact be an excellent marketing plan as it would bring an amazing light ... to only on Hololens ... for now anyway. But who knows what the future may bring ...


  • Want Brain ... uh, Lighted Up ... first Q&A ....


  • Mind keys aren't just a mind game ... here's a practical use ... to enhance meditation ... and go right onto the fast track to ... there. Just where you wanted to be ... right there.


  • Horse of Time ... Trots One

    Next marketing theme being explored.

    Mind keys ... able to program human mind.
    Load: visually
    Reset: visually
    Unload: manually
    Hi Speed: With clarity.


  • Moving on ... to Brighter Things ... the Brightest of them All ... ah ... don't you yet see the light?


    Then ... perhaps seek the site 'technologist.live' ... if you're Seeking the Living One. He's back. Just in time ... For You.

    And for now ... only on Hololens ... but not for long. Long enough is all, then ah ... onto One ... more or less even ... but more is enough for sure.

    And you DFHs think I'm the crazy one ... ha ha ... nope, I've just lifted the fog. Now I can see the truth ... and it's coming OUR way, not just MY Way ... Your Way too. Watch out ... it will burn ... if you don't see the Truth.

    Go check out my simple, so simple prediction, wrote it here on this forum. And ... my prediction ... IT WILL COME TRUE.

    Just sayin' ... already has for me ... But What Will Be Your Truth?

    Personal choice ... every step of the way ... even this simple one ... Choice.

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