Spectator View setup - Coding the World Anchor transfers

I am reading through the Unity documentation on app development for the HoloLens. I noticed a page called "Anchor Sharing," where you need to define a function for exporting an anchor, a listener for the status received on exporting the anchor, and on the event where the data of the anchor becomes available.

Suppose that I want to add Spectator View to a simple app of my own with a red cube as my only object (in turn is an anchor). I am able to add in the assets from the Mixed Reality Companion Kit downloaded from the GitHub repo, but do I still need to program a script to export a world anchor in order for a secondary HoloLens to see the cube locked in place and looking at it from a different viewpoint than the Spectator View rig sees it?

It's a bit confusing; the README file for the Spectator View sample the toolkit provides doesn't really say to program an anchor export script explicitly and specify which objects are to be exported to the other HoloLens in order for the user to see them as the real thing but from a different viewpoint.

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