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Wifi Issues

Is anyone else having an issue with certificates and Wi-Fi? I am currently trying to set up the HoloLens at a hospital with enterprise Wi-Fi and it just doesn't log on. I either get a "can't connect to network" error or it just wipes my info and make me try again. If I use an unprotected Wi-Fi source or one like a hotspot with a simple password it works fine. Does anyone know a way to get more in depth settings than what the HoloLens ships with, or know a way around this issue? Thank you in advance!

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  • I have logged this issue in the Feedback app on the HoloLens. If you go in there, you should be able to find it and upvote it. MS is using that feedback to look at future changes, so that's a good place to log stuff like this.

  • Thank you! I will try to connect to hotspot and find it. Otherwise I really can't upvote it without internet.

  • Jarrod1937Jarrod1937 ✭✭✭

    Out of curiosity, what type of security is the WIFI using? With a hospital, I wouldn't be surprised if they're using something like WPA Enterprise with RADIUS. However, with that said, I would still expect the Hololens to connect to it if they're expecting enterprise and industrial uses.

  • I believe it is using 802.1x for security?

  • Jarrod1937Jarrod1937 ✭✭✭

    Not sure if that's a statement or a question ;)
    You may want to ask the network admin where you work what they're using. Those kind of details can help Microsoft better troubleshoot the issue, more than likely it's just a software limitation that they can update.

  • Hi Alec, I'm having the same problem. Any news about the update?

  • Alec_HAlec_H ✭✭

    @lucatarozzi Update: It is due to our certificates on our network. They use a wild card authentication process, which isn't supported on Windows now. There is ways to get around this issue on full Windows machines, but not on Hololens. They never gave me a time period just that it's a known issue. My IT department is working to make a network extension just for the Hololens to sign on to, to allow them to connect. Sorry I didn't have better news.

  • I am havign the same issue. Strange is, that Hololens has connected to the same Wifi before, but after a reset and login in with a new user account into the device, it does not connect to Wifi.

  • I also have problems with an unstable Wifi connection at work with to pairs of HoloLenses. Sometimes it works, other times it doesn't.

    We are using WPA2-Enterprise. It seems to be connected to the access point but the status says "No internet". I am using the latest Windows update for the HoloLens.

  • My HoloLens logged in fine, but ever since I did the most recent update a couple weeks ago, I am having the exact same issue as FrankL and kem. Does anyone have any suggests that I could raise with my WiFi network security people?

  • Happens on my Hololens, too: whenever I try to enter credentials after some characters the input field gets cleaned again. Will try to configure over USB and report back later.

  • I am also having the same issue. After last update, wifi connection is intermittent. Wifi connection drops out every 5-10 minutes.

  • Ok so Enterprise Authentication is not supported over USB - that leaves me without wifi

  • This issue still exists.
    For me it happens when I try to log into eduroam networks.
    If I start typing in username or password, it dissapears after a few seconds. So I don't have the chance to type in the whole login and click on OK.

  • I have been talking to a Surface Hub and HoloLens support engineer recently and he told me that 802.1x is only so supported on the commercial edition, not on the developer edition ;(
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