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Surgical/Medical tool hololens app. Advice?

So I'm a amateur programmer working with a surgeon to build a prototype software. We need it to share medical data between other hololenses in the operating room. I am really stuck on this and am looking for resources to learn. Or I am looking to hire someone more experienced. Does anyone know where to look for hiring?


  • I am a highly experienced C# developer with MCP, MCTS .NET qualification and have ship multiple products. I do not have Hololens but am getting started with VIVE development and would be interested to work on this -- if provided a Hololens dev kit for me to keep. I might need 2 for the development though.

    As for sharing the data, it depends on how much data you need to share. You could possibly share the data via the internet or by creating a shared model. If you can't use the internet then you'd need to create a server which is more complex.

    I'm assuming you are using Unity? engine. It has support for multiplayer. You could try to build on that. If the data is simple such as screen shots then you would be able to access a shared repository/host for that type of data.

    If the data is too big to share in that way or certain laws/regulations prohibit it then you would need to basically load the model onto every device first and then you'd create a marker system that could be shared or a model representational system. You might even be able to setup a one drive and have your app read from the representational/folder system.

    As for resources, I don't think many developers will have these yet. But you could look on the Unity Engine Forums or ask over at Stackoverflow/Stackexchange.

  • Hi... I am most interested in assisting. I do own a holoLens and I think teaming up with Curtis could help you greatly... You are welcome to contact me by writing to [email protected]

  • Hey guys,
    I wanted to touch base and see how you were going with this project? The medical field is very near and dear to my heart and I would be delighted to support it in anyway I can. Please touch base - [email protected]

  • I have done DICOM visualization on HoloLens and a framework in Unty3D for peer to peer shared holographic experiences with several commercial projects under the belt. [email protected] @danlingneuron

    Healthcare IT professional by day - Indie GameDev for UWP and mobile platforms by night

  • Sharing of the data shouldn't be that hard using web-services. Essentially one Hololens will push data to a web-service on a networked computer, and then the other Hololens can pull the data back down.

  • I am an MD and Professor of Health Informatics at UC Davis. I have a HoloLens and can also help to test your application if you need so.

  • Likewise @ Montefiore Medical Center/Albert Einstein College of Medicine

  • Similar here @Yena where are you at?

  • Hi @Yena: If you're still working on this and need help, I work with a team of full-time Hololens developers. We can do it. Write me at [email protected] Hope the project is going well!

  • We are working in this field also.. :)

    Juan Monzón
    CEO at Exovite - Graduate Microsoft Accelerator - Passionate about new technologies and patient care.

  • we have published a demo version of our tool on this - we would be interested in feedback - if you have a HoloLens please take a look and let us know what you think we appreciate any feedback.


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