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Deploying from Unity, 3d app loads then "crashes"

Hi everyone - I have successfully managed to install a fairly complex 3d model on our HoloLens from Unity and all works fine. I have another complex object, even more complex than the first. It builds successfully and installs to the Lens, but when I run it and position the window, Made with Unity appears, then goes away as normal, then there is a short pause / the exit "woowoo" as I call it before the Lens returns to the initial window. Any ideas why this is happening and what I can do to trace the fault?




  • Hey, assuming you are using Visual Studio, my first suggestion would be to go to Debug > Windows > Exception Settings and then ensure the "Common Language Runtime Exceptions" box has a tick in it rather than a white square. So the next time you run your application and it crashes a break point will be placed on the exception and you can find out what exception it is and what caused it.

    Hope that helps!

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