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Instant 3D Builder, Sacred Geometry Release ... Now Available In Free Version

utekaiutekai ✭✭✭
edited December 2016 in Projects

It is released and is now available on the Windows Store, but Microsoft makes it hard to get to. To find it from HoloLens, while in the store search on 'Sacred' and it shows up.

Here's a link

If you use I3DB or have any questions, please correspond with: [email protected]

Being a voice only app, and currently offering no real in app help at this point (3D virtual help coming soon), it's a slow process to learn if you don't first watch one or more of the videos. Once you realize it works with a small set of very simple commands, commands that can be instantly combined into new more complex commands, commands that add power to and are YOUR words, then suddenly it will unleash your imagination in 3D virtual space.

Here's a simple set of voice commands that would be used to create a filled-in 8 star tetra (a frame-only tetra can be done removing the word filled).

start script ... triggers the scripting engine to record
filled 8 star ... or any other name you'd like, but listen closely to how it's interpreted
add playspace
draw filled tetra
add playspace
draw filled tetra
rotate playspace One 80 on X ... written this way purposely, as the way it should be said
join playspaces
remove axis
remove axis
stop script

Now you can just say 'filled 8 star' to get a filled 8-star tetrahedron. If a command isn't recognized, try, try again. Once made, you can use 'filled 8 star' in new scripts to build upon your work each time.

Go ahead, unleash your imagination in 3D virtual space ... Now you can instantly see what you or your children can imagine! See how your kids quickly learn basic programming with instant feedback and instant results. Build upon your scripts to create new scripts. It's unlimited, it's 3D virtual space, and you're the master of it.


  • Hi... Your app looks pretty cool... I found your app on the store on my laptop. Have yet to add it to my HoloLens but will be doing so. Will let you know how it goes... I also work with the same concepts but have yet to complete my project... Would be good to discuss Sacred Geometry with you... If you get a chance please write me a note... Thanks

  • Hi, I've recently been playing with your app - I like the potential of it very much. I am getting used to the speech engine which sometimes struggles with my British accent :|

    I was trying to find a way to colourise the shapes (spheres, cubes etc.) after drawing them. Is there a command that does this or, better still, a list of all the commands that are understood by the app?

    Thanks for making it. Will

  • utekaiutekai ✭✭✭
    edited February 2017

    The Sacred Geometry release doesn't offer colorization of the shapes, but the full version of Instant 3D Builder does offer this. It's not currently released, still getting feedback on just what features are most useful before releasing.

    As other languages are opened up by Microsoft, and for other accents of the same language too such as British English, this experience will improve. In the interim, you can take advantage of the scripting engine to rename commands that are troublesome, using names that are easier for the speech engine to recognize. You can create scripts with just the single command that is troublesome.

    On a restart of the application, you'll need to call 'load scripts' to get your scripts to be re-loaded. You can manage the scripts via the file manager app, this allows to see all your scripts, manually edit and/or delete existing scripts. Careful though on manual edits, as the command must be spelled out precisely, though if not spelled right nothing bad will happen, the scripting engine will just ignore the command.

    Questions can be sent to [email protected]

    Also see the Getting Started page, with 3 lessons in 3 minutes: http://wp.me/P7Jt1K-5L

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