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Installing Hololens emulator on Mac using boot camp

Hi! when I have made a partition on my macbook pro 15" 2016 and installed windows 10 enterprise on it. When I download the Hololens emulator after installed visual studio community 2015 it says that I don't have the tools kit required and that it needs to restart.
I think I have the right tools installed but I haven't been able to actually check because when I restart my computer it just freezes. It loads window for ages and when it gets to log in screen it doesn't take any input from either keyboard or mouse.
Only option seems to be to boot OS again remove the windows partition. This has happen to me two times and my college with the same computer. does anyone know why and what I can do?



  • stepan_stulovstepan_stulov ✭✭✭
    edited February 2017

    As far as I remember you need Hyper-V / hardware virtualization feature installed and enabled on your MacBook to run the emulator. This feature is usually enabled via BIOS but that's poor luck on a MacBook to do explicitly and the only indirect way is yes, rebooting while having your Windows partition as the startup partition.

    That's my last knowledge on the question and I'm not aware of any updates on the issue which may exist. I can confirm running the emulator under Windows 10 Pro bootcamped on a MacBook Pro is possible, I did it. I can also confirm that the emulator is a waste of time in my humble opinion. The earlier you start actual device development the better.

    Sorry if it's not directly helpful.

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  • thanks for you answer! We tried it in a VM instead and it works better and now that we got hold of a holoLens we don't need the emulator anymore.

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