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deployment error

received the error 'DEP0001 : Unexpected Error: -1988945906' when I try deploying to HoloLens. was working fine till yesterday afternoon. able to deploy smoothly to emulator.
I tried rebuilding the project from scratch but still have this problem.(new unity project-settings-cube-build-changing to 'Holographic' in VS-release,x86,device).

I have been deploying to hololens using USB as the progress is too slow when using wifi connection.

sometimes there will also be the " CS0618 - 'ApplicationView.SuppressSystemOverlays.set' is obsolete: 'Use the TryEnterFullScreen method and IsFullScreenMode property instead of SuppressSystemOverlays" error.

currently using:
Unity 5.4.0f1-HTP
VS 2015 Update 3

any suggestions on what went wrong?


  • I see similar errors as well - and in my case two things usually solve the problem.
    1. Did you try to close and restart Visual Studio?
    2. Try to remove your app from the device using the Device Portal and then try to deploy it again (that seems to help on the emulator, so far device was good).

  • Alex480,

    1. yes, I've restart VS and even computer to make sure everything is closed.
    2. the app is removed automatically when the error started.

    error is still there even after I recreated the holograms 100 cube project. followed all the settings accordingly. the error came out so sudden, so I'm also not sure what is the issue here.

  • I had the same problem. From the device portal I simply restarted the hololens. After that it worked.

  • I solved this problem by going to the update, and check for updates for hololens. After I updated the hololens windows 10 os, it worked well.

  • edited March 2017

    I am also experiencing the " CS0618 'ApplicationView.SuppressSystemOverlays.set' is obsolete "
    issue. Tried updating the HoloLens and then restarting it from the Device Portal. Neither helped resolve the issue.

    I am running Unity 5.5.2f1 with VS Community 2015 Update 3. Should I try repairing VS? Does anyone else have any other thoughts?

  • jbienzmsjbienzms mod
    edited March 2017

    This is not guaranteed, but most deployment errors like these are usually due to:

    1. Deploying over USB but the USB cable was disconnected and reconnected. Sometimes VS doesn't "resync" correctly. Simply close and restart VS.
    2. An update has been made to Unity that makes it slightly incompatible with the Universal Windows bits in Visual Studio. Look for an update in Visual Studio -> Extensions and Updates.
    3. An update has been made to Visual Studio or one of the SDKs that makes it slightly incompatible with the version of Unity you have installed. Look for an update to Unity.

    For 2 and especially for 3, you'll want to build / export from Unity again after the update(s).

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