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How to visualize and interact with a hologram while gazing and tracking the original real object???

Hey guys i hope your doing well with your projects!

I am asking everybody who deals intensively with c#-scripting and interacting with holograms via hololens.
My goal is to visualize a hologram (e.g. an imported 3D-machine as a .max-file) while i am gazing and tracking the real object. We do have a technical school in our university and my docent wants me to visualize the hologram of the real machine while i am gazing and tracking it.
Is that possible at all and if so do i need to use the HTK for it? Which scripts and prefabs do i have to add to my 3D-machine .max-file in Unity???

Please need help, important for my thesis.

I appreciate any answer


  • You could look into the modal features of the input manager in the HoloToolkit. It's included in my post about a simple drag/resize/rotate implementation. Since a modal's real purpose is to intercept all input, you can use that to control what is receiving input regardless of your gaze.

  • Hey @BillMcCrary,

    thank you for your answer. I'll check your blog real quick. Hopefully it will help me to realize what my docent expects. So its important to track and recognize any object while gazing the real object, that is the main point. If this happens, i want to add holograms or instructions to some components of the real object which give information to that component which is recognized and gazed. Hope you understand what i am trying to tell you.

    Thank you though

    I appreciate any other tips

  • To gut check my understanding - you want to be looking at object A, while your app does various things to objects B, C & D (add instructions/add holograms as you say)? If that's the right idea, then it may be more of a unity thing than a hololens thing, but easy enough. What I would do is just set up receiver methods on objects B/C/D and have object A SendMessage/SendMessageUpwards/BroadcastMessage to B/C/D. Several ways to send messages in unity and they all work but the general idea is to receive HoloLens input on A, and then pass that along via whatever logic you need to any other objects that need to know about the actual device input.

  • Yeah,
    the Hololens should recognize or detect the real object while looking at it. How can i do that? Spatial understanding, spatial mapping?? Or the hololens as a device itself, is it able to recognize real objects at all???
    If so, what do you think to get this issue realized?
    I am new to all so thats why i am asking a lot :D.

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