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How To Load fbx From One Drive ?

HI All,

How to load fbx or obj from one drive ... ? i open One Drive use of FilePicker and select fbx file. but always got www.assetBundle is null.

public void DownloadImage(string url)

IEnumerator CoTest(string url) {
    WWW www = WWW.LoadFromCacheOrDownload(url, 5);
    yield return www;
    if (www.error != null) {
        Debug.Log("Error" + www.error);
    else {
            myassetbundle =www.assetBundle;           
            var request = myassetbundle.LoadAllAssets(typeof(GameObject))[0];
            yield return request;
            GameObject modle = request as GameObject;
            var obj = GameObject.Instantiate(modle);
            obj.transform.localPosition = new Vector3(0, 0, 2);
            obj.transform.localScale = new Vector3(1, 1, -1);



  • .fbx isn't an assetBundle. Have you exported the fbx as an asset bundle?



  • You may want to consider buying a unity asset that loads fbx files, such as UniFBX. Using assetbundles requires packaging it that way beforehand, and I think you are looking for on-the-fly import of fbx files.

  • @mark_grossnickle

    Thanks. No i am not able to exported the fbx as an asset bundle.
    So, is there anyway to load fbx from one drive ? How can i achieve this.. ? or how can achieve 3d viewer app.


  • If you use the 3d Viewer Beta app you can load and open FBX models from OneDrive.

  • Hi @Ash that i know but i want to develop something Like as 3d Viewer beta can done. how can they achieve?

  • AshAsh
    edited March 2017

    Do you mean creating an App using Unity which has FBX models? I'm confused about your question. You want to develop an app like 3d Viewer?

  • @Ash yes i want to develop app like 3d Viewer...
    so,how can we achieve this ?

  • @Ankit09_Sangani Why are you not able to export the fbx as an asset bundle?

    If you can't export as an asset bundle then take a look at @randyiform's answer. That is the best alternative.


  • @mark_grossnickle i am able to export asset bundle and able to Load fbx or .obj file from www.assetBundle. Thanks for help :).
    But now i want to create asset bundle runtime not manully from unity. is it possible to create Asset Bundle runtime and then load asset bundle file or is there any script to create Asset Bundle runtime.?

  • I don't believe so since it is editor code:

    However, you could build the asset bundles from a server.

    If the FBX are being added at runtime you may need to go to the asset store and download a 3rd party asset that loads fbx files at runtime.


  • @mark_grossnickle
    HI can you please suggest which 3rd party asset tools load fbx file at runtime? i tried with Unifbx but that can't do with server side i cant load my fbx on that.

  • @Ankit09_Sangani Sorry, I do not have experience with loading fbx at runtime. I have loaded OBJ at runtime. If that is an option for you there are some free obj loaders in the asset store.


  • I have used UniFBX asset from the Unity Asset Store and it does load text-format FBX files at runtime. I have not tested it out with alot of different fbx files to see how well it adheres to fbx rules though.

  • @Ankit09_Sangani were you able you figure it out? I am working on something similar and would really appreciate some help

  • edited May 2017

    Finally i Done like this ref

    in that Generate One .Unity3d File in AssetBundle Folder and put that file in your server location.


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