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How to spatial mapping correctly???

Hey guys,

my 3d model does not collide with the spatial mapping prefab, so i cant place my model e.g. on the table.
What is my mistake. I checked the spatial perception settings and did everything right but when i launch my app my model does not collide with the environment?

Need help.

@BillMcCrary maybe you got an idea, your blog is awesome but couldnt find any post with spatial mapping.

Thank you


  • You need to make sure that both your spatial map, and your 3d model have colliders on them, and that the colliders are turned on. That is the first thing I would look at. If that's not it, then let us know and we can look at some of the other possibilities.

  • @Jesse_McCulloch,

    my model has a box collider and my spatial map (empty game object) has a mesh collider, should work but doesnt work. What other possibilities do we have. Have you implement spatial mapping in your project scene as well, if so, can you kindly give me the instruction to that?

    Thank you

  • Hey @VR_HSRW1 thanks for the kudos - I have done a tiny bit of spatial mapping but I haven't had time to post about anything. Not sure if I follow the problem or not - are you saying you have a trigger collider not firing when it collides with a spatially mapped plane w/ a collider? Or something along those lines? If you just need to 'stick' something to a mapped plane, you could just get the position of that generated plan and use that as a point of reference. Let me know if I'm totally missing the issue.

  • Hi @BillMcCrary,
    my pleasure!
    Let me explain my problem. I have a 3d model (milling machine) and i just want to place it on a real surface with the help of spatial mapping. So in general it should work with the spatial mapping prefab, or not?
    In my project i want to make my 3d model to react to the real surface, just the ground in my office. That it. What should i do, i tried everything but didnt work.
    I am sure you can help me. so hope you got me now.
    To sum up, i want to place any 3d model on a surface in my environment/surroundings like in the tutorial Origami e.g.

    Thank you for your attention.

  • @BillMcCrary, i am using your HandDragging script and tried everything but doesnt work.
    Hope you can help me

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