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Hololens: Share a WorldAnchor between individual apps

I can create a WorldAnchor through HoloToolkit-Unity and I can restore them, when they are available.

But how can I create WorldAnchors via the Holo Remote app and transfer them to my standalone-deployed app to use as well when I built the same app and uploaded it to the hololens?

There exists a method to share WorldAnchors through a server, but that is not what I'm looking fore, because here is only 1 Hololens device involved. Ideally I want to transfer them locally or mark them as shared somehow.


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  • ReeleyReeley ✭✭✭

    I think you have to export the WorldAnchors to a file and import them on your deployed app, because WorldAnchors are dependent to your app instance.

    Good thing is Unity has a class for Importing/Exporting WorldAnchors:
    WorldAnchorTransferBatch class

    Maybe its just easier to place your holograms in the deployed app tho.

  • This looks like what I want.
    The question is, how do I get that byte string or file from my destop machine into the hololens?

    Could I use the integrated explorer in the webinterface? Or would I need to write an external method myself?

  • edited August 2017

    @Reeley said:
    You could transfer the file to the Hololens via the webinterface i guess. Just put it e.g. in the CameraRoll folder and load it from there.

    I also save my WorldAnchors to the CameraRoll (kinda stupid to save it there but i didnt find a better folder yet).
    Here is a thread where i asked how to save my file there:

    Basically in my app i have the option to save my WorldAnchors to the CameraRoll folder and when reinstalling or updating my app i load the file from the folder so i dont lose my WorldAnchors in the process.

    @Reeley: I red your thread and there seems to be a problem for me, that iirc there is no way to export the worldanchorstorage on the Holo Remoting Interface.
    Currently I place virtual objects right on top of their real counterparts from the 3D-Capturing.
    I have to place them by hand in the unity editor through the holo remoting interface.
    I wrote scripts that I can then save the current gameobject position as a world anchor, which gets restored on app restart.

    I want to take those worldanchors and put them into the deployed app.

    As far as I understand it, i could switch the world anchor storages between two installed apps, but not between the holo remoting app and my deployed app. is that correct?

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