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Spatial Understanding: Use already scanned room mesh

I currently wonder if the following is possible: the SpatialMapping component recognizes, when the user is in a already scanned room and takes this already scanned mesh to work with. But SpatialUnderstanding does not do this (maybe just in my application?!). I find this behaviour strange, because SpatialUnderstanding is based on SpatialMapping, so why doesn't it use the already scanned mesh as a base instead of doing a new scan every time?

My concrete usecase is first to make the scanning process faster for the user and second I hope to get better results for generating planes out of the mesh when using the finalized SpatialUnderstanding-Mesh (which is fully closed/has no holes).

Have a great day


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  • ReeleyReeley ✭✭✭

    Well SpatialUnderstanding is only for scanning and understanding of the mesh you have to manually save it.

    Have a look at the scripts of JeffPack which he posted here

    You may have to modify them a bit. Works pretty well!

  • Thanks for your really fast answer and pointing me to this issue, it indeed helps me a bit!
    But the real question remains: why doesn't SpatialUnderstanding kind of Import the SpatialMapping-mesh already exisiting, as it is based on SpatialMapping. It always starts a new scan, no matter what (but the underlying SpatialMapping component already has the "full" room mesh available).

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