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Best Practice: (obsolete) Shaders


I just noticed most of the Shaders in the HolotoolKit-Unity are now obsolete. What is the current best-practice to replace those shaders? Should I use the Holotoolkit/FastConfigurable or can I replace them with the Unity-Default Standard-Shader?
Especially for performance, is there a new rule of thumb what to use?


  • Are you using the latest HoloToolkit?

    I am not fully up to date with the latest Unity3D or Toolkit so I can't replicate the obsolete. However, I would not use Default-Standard shader as its performance is not optimized and thus slows down the device. At least if you are doing anything that pushes the limits of the device.

    If you do need to go away from HoloToolkit shaders I'd at least look for a mobile friendly shader as they tend to be more optimized.


  • I am using the currently stable Unity 2017.1.0f3 and the current Holotoolkit master. I just noticed that the last stable release still has the Shaders as not-obsolete, so maybe this is worked on?

  • I just switched everything in my app over to the FastConfigurable shader. In debug-mode my application is now unusable, very low frame rate but the release build works quite nice and the lighting looks better. I did not have the time to benchmark in detail and compare framerates, but it seems good.

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