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Is the Microsoft Store broken at the moment?

The only applications I see or can search for are under the Noteworthy and Essential categories. I can't get to see or search the full list of Hololens applications. Are other people seeing the same thing?


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    @Peter_NZ: This is being investigated, will follow up with results when I hear back.



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    @Peter_NZ - Here is the reply we got back from the store team.

    The idea of updating this collection was to showcase fresh and relevant content to our users and also ensure we’re providing customers with an easy access to our best apps.

    So it seems like this change was intentional. That said, I don't like the idea that there is no place for us to see a complete listing for HoloLens or Mixed Reality applications.

    What do you think. I am more than happy to pass along feedback and ideas.

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    Hey @Peter_NZ and @Jesse_McCulloch

    I had the same experience with the store so I contacted the support team and created a feedback in the feedback hub.

    The change is a step back because now I am not able to check the newest apps and download them. They should bring the collection back into the block 'collections' so we can see all apps for HoloLens and download them without blowin up the store search.

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    Peter_NZPeter_NZ ✭✭✭
    edited August 2017

    I figured that's what they did. But when I search on an application on the store that I know exists (from the old list) - it doesn't find it.

    EDIT: Okay so the search does work provided you enter the right names or keywords.

    @Jesse_McCulloch Yes I think Microsoft does need a better category system than they currently do. Something like:
    New Apps
    Construction and Architecture
    {other suggestions}

    As well as their new categories would be a good start.

    I think the New Apps is really important. Microsoft want us to build applications for the HoloLens, but the new category system the new applications would never be seen by potential users. Also, as @_kmichel says I like to see what other people have developed as the new software can potentially enable me to get more value out of the HoloLens.

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    In the current setup there seems to be no realistic way for people to find new or older apps that aren't listed. I think Microsoft should also consider the motivation of the developers, that are experimenting with this technology.

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    I agree with Peter_Nz they need to provide a sorting by New Apps or all HoloLens related apps. Is there a particular channel where we can ask to have this put in place?

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    I am not sure who put this together - but here is a list of 'Made for Hololens' applications: https://riverar.github.io/HoloLensApps/

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    That was put together by @WithinRafael - You can find him on twitter at https://twitter.com/WithinRafael

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    I see the store is back to the way it used to work. Thanks Microsoft.

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    December 1st 2017, the "Browse all HoloLens Apps" collection hasn't updated since November 1st. Is there any way to update this to add new applications?

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