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Acer Headsets flickering

I have 2 Acer headsets. I recently purchased a ASUS ROG gaming laptop with a NVIDIA 1080 video card (very capable of running mixed reality applications). I also have a desktop with a 1080 card as well. I have been developing on the desktop quite nicely for the last month using one headset so I decided to move my project further with the purchase of the laptop for use with the second headset. I loaded all the software in the laptop and plugged in the new unused headset. The opening scene (the Microsoft mixed reality house) works fine. I did note quite a bit of artifacting in 3D renderings which indicated that the video card is duff (worked through tech support), so I am sending it back. I carried on with the artifacting present on the laptop and when I opened the scene in Unity I noted that it was flickering quite quickly and the Unity editor was giving out the errors:

Failed to update back buffer on holographic camera - renders may become out of sync! Error code: '0x8000000e'

Failed to get rendering parameters for main camera - view transforms may get out of sync! Error code: '0x8000000e'

This fills the 999 buffer quite quickly.
I went back to developing on my desktop using the same headset I had been successfully developing with to date. Everything was fine. Today I opened a scene in Unity and the same thing is happening to this headset and computer as well. I switched headsets and the same thing. I am at a loss as I can't find anything on internet searches. Anyone else seen this? Any suggestions? Is there a technical assistance line I can call?

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  • I hava the same Error on my 3glasses HMD, after i install hologram tools

  • I did a few more experiments last night. I have been developing on Unity 2017.2.0b5 successfully when the flickering and errors came out of nowhere. I just installed b8 version and the flickering is gone but the errors are still there and everything is rendered in white.... I may uninstall b5 and reinstall it again to see if it changes anything.

  • I upgraded the laptop to b9 which fixed the white rendering issue as well as the flickering issue. The error code is still there and there is an issue with the far clipping plane clipping too closely, which I think was there in b8 as well. It seems the issues are with Unity.

  • I upgraded the laptop to b9 also. And I have the same error 'Failed to get rendering parameters for main camera - view transforms may get out of sync! Error code: '0x8000000e' ' when I used AIthirdpersoncontroller.prefab and navigation.

  • Hi, i have the same problem with b10 since windows 10 16278. An idea ?

  • I have the same problem with b10 and windows 10 version is 16278, function InteractionManager.GetCurrentReading return empty array, but can get press value

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