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Is there a way to affix my NavMesh to a World Anchor?

I'm attempting to make a navigation app for use inside an office space.
For this purpose i made a Spatial map of the office, then i used this mesh to Bake a NavMesh inside unity.

I have placed a World Anchor and placed all spatial sensitive as a child of this anchor.
And all this spatial data get reoriented around the World Anchor correctly

However the NavMesh still initiates oriented to the camera and not the World Anchor.
Is there a way to affix my NavMesh to a World Anchor?


  • Hey, @MediaanerWRO

    I'm not very familiar with NavMeshes but here is what I found:

    Additionally, if moving NavMesh around is not an option I can think of a solution where you don't have to. Simply move an invisible dummy nav mesh agent along the real navmesh while syncing its position back to the anchored spatial mapping-based scenario. So you kind of have two reflected scenarios one as a workaround to baked nav mesh and one actually anchored.

    Hope this helps.

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