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I'll just leave this here ... but read it before an enforcer of the rational takes it away

Can you see Pi?

Reader: That's an irrational question.

Author: Yes, purely irrational, rather than a replica or imitation of an irrational question.

And so it begins ...

I'd been working with the hololens and just trying to see what it could do, trying to exploit its APIs. Having experience in software and in general having a personality an observer might describe as 'impatient', though I describe as 'not wanting to waste time', I tried to learn the basic, intermediate and advanced functionality then exploit it. And often times I'd find features or actions the API could do that weren't quite intended. The real jewels of the API that everyone missed for some reason, that were right there in front of everybody but somehow no one could see them. And as it turns out, usually that is where the real value is located, because this functionality was sort of accidentally put there not purposely and rationally developed for market needs, it just fell out when they put something else there, then someone recognized and exploited that purely accidental feature for great gains. Thus software intended for one purpose, as it grows, is often used in areas completely not envisioned originally, it was pure irrationality, and it worked beautifully.

What happened to me is that as I exploited the APIs and performed different actions I'd come across various problems and one by one knock them down. This is a story of one of those problems that I didn't knock down directly but eventually solved it ... solved it visually using the hololens.

And ... as it turns out, only recognizing it a year later, it was in fact THE problem. And if you ever again ask someone, "What should I be doing?" you may think to yourself upon hearing the words you've spoken, "I didn't need to say that at all, because I should be working on THE problem."

Back to the story, for instance while making some geometric shapes, determining formulas that could be used to create the object, I'd get stumped, and either accept something almost perfect or just drop it and do something else often something else entirely unrelated.

There was one problem I'd even, literally and actually, filled up quite a few notebook pages with math scribblings trying to figure out a problem. What it eventually came down to was a rounding error on an irrational number, for instance I needed an exact root 2, or an exact Pi, or else errors would be visible. If I addressed the errors individually, they would just pop up somewhere else, as I was always having to round these irrationals, and I took a rational approach to solve them. But in our 'rational' number system we can't represent an irrational number precisely, but we can get extraordinarily close. But there are also floating point limitations, CPU issues and so on, so the hardware doesn't get you closer at all, in FACT it takes you farther away. At this point, a good hearted person seeing your frustration might reveal to you a truth that the hardware was designed purposely that way, irrationally speaking, designed purposely by an evil person who was giving you hardware to keep you entertained, but not hardware you could use to expose the truth.

Continued in part 2 ...

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    I suspect I'm done here with the Microsoft forum. But the original, mostly unadulterated post is available at least for a while over at the reddit hololens. Read it there. The full post here has been adulterated.


  • So now consider, for a moment, what if we did have a number system that precisely described irrational numbers. For instance, on this number scale, which we'll call the irrational number scale, is a one and two just like on our well known rational scale of 1, 2, 3 and so on, but the irrational number 1 corresponds to root 2, exactly, precisely and there is precisely no error. It's the perfect root 2.

    Taking that thought a bit farther, starting from the irrational 1 corresponds to root 2, let's consider the irrational 2? And let's let it be Pi, perfect Pi rather than just a Pi replica, but true Pi. Why Pi? Why not? If you happened to see a cat who is eating a mouse, you might say and ask, "Gross, why do you swallow the tail?" To which the Cat would answer, "Why wouldn't I swallow the tail, after all, I've saved the best for last?" At which point the tail disappears down the Cat's throat and the Cat smiles just a bit irrationally you think, and purely so.

    But then in this story where I'm dealing with these little whack-a-mole errors, having a touch of OCD by nature, I got irritated by the minor errors, very very minor errors that most would just accept and ignore due to their years and years of rational schooling you see, most would accept these practically invisible errors that were, in fact, practically invisible, but to me I could see them. I recall ...

    It was like being back in grade school the day we were taught to use a compass to draw a perfect circle. The teacher explained the compass, ensured we all sharpened our pencils to a fine point, a fine fine point to get the most perfect circle, and then we began. We put our compass needle into the paper and drew the circle. Being a bit irrational, one student persistently complained, "My circle isn't perfect teacher, it's not perfect, I want a perfect circle." What happened is as this clearly irrational little child drew the circle, the lead on the pencil would get imperceptibly shorter and the result would be nearly a circle but the two ends just never would meet precisely.

    So little irrational Johnny, this student of our story, is given a hard, hard lesson of the rational world, by the teacher, who sternly and with the full power of her classroom and position and using the full power vested in her to accomplish rational goals and move forward rationally through the curriculum, and move in a timely tick tock, tick tock manner ... and a teacher who now due to her own enormous training and certifications and so on has become an ENFORCER OF THE RATIONAL, simply says to little irrational Johnny, sternly and with a once and for all sort of way look, "We're going to learn something else now, put away your compass, your circle is good enough."

    Irrational Johnny, is now slowly becoming rational. Irrational Johnny, who didn't understand why he even wanted to draw a perfect circle, why his intuition to get a perfect circle pushed him hard to say something in class, which he'd never ever done before, something which the teacher missed also ... yes, little irrational Johnny is starting to get well grounded into the rational world, the real world as we're taught. But at the same time, he's giving up his irrational thoughts, his irrational dreams, his very very strong irrational feelings. He's been beat down and stops trying to walk up those steps, he stops seeking perfection, because in our RATIONAL WORLD THERE IS NO PERFECTION. It's been drilled into us again and again.

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    Ok, back to the hololens story, and how THE problem was solved ....

    One day, having dropped the rounding error issue, I was just sort of messing around, putting holograms here and there, doing this and that. What's cool about this is you can do stuff in virtual reality you can't in our physical world. For instance, in our physical world you can't take two simple wooden blocks, then, instantly, merge them into a single block but with one rotated this way or that making an entirely new object out of the two wooden blocks. Thinking about it this way, you might agree, "Yes, I can virtually take these same blocks that I played with all my childhood (a childhood in which you may have got to live a bit irrationally from time to time before you were formally schooled in the rational, schooled in hard knocks, you know ... schooled in the rational reality of life as we're told it is), and merge the two blocks into a single block that isn't a cube anymore, in fact there are no words at all to describe it you just have to show some one what you've done and then they'll see precisely.

    Consider that a block or cube has six faces and eight corners, so if you merged the two blocks and try to have all of the corners of the one block jutting out of the exact middle of the faces of the other block (they're merged now you see), it doesn't work. You can't put eight into six in this way. But if you have an object that has six corners, you might succeed if it's the right object. And in virtual space it is a relatively simple thing to do ... if you have the right tool to do it, and I did have it, I wrote it.

    Anyway, I was just doing this and that and happened to get this imprecise object positioned in such a way, that the solution to a previously unsolvable problem became rather simple, trivially simple to solve when I looked at it in virtual space.

    At first I didn't realize what had happened. I did try to write about it and posted on some forum here or there that I'd used the hololens to solve a problem visually. Mostly it was ignored, but one person did read it, apparently understood at least partially, that this could really help to promote the hololens and open up it's value in a way no one else was at the time considering, or at least not writing about on the forums.

    You see, everyone else was following Microsoft's way of using the hololens. Microsoft's way required a team of developers and I was a lone developer working on my own and tried to follow Microsoft's way but couldn't, literally couldn't as I didn't have the money or personality to get a group of developers together to work on a software program. I had in fact initially gone this route and volunteered to work on another project. And did for a while, but I found I'd get all my work done in minutes or hours and then wait for weeks for anyone else to make progress. Eventually I realized this was due to very rational reasons and that as a team would couldn't work fast, distributed all over the world and having different and rational lives and practical needs, like earning an income, picking up kids, etc. So I mostly worked alone. And later was even kicked off the team altogether and I think my contributions ignored. But that hololens program is now up and available, and freely so, so perhaps my contributions weren't needed at all and my view is distorted now.

    In response to my post I was disappointed that just that one person seemed to understand what I was attempting to say about solving problems visually. In fact it was hard to describe using rational thought, rational words, and as it turns out indescribable using even rational numbers. I realized, "Hmmm, there is no direct way to describe this ... uh, solution." I wasn't even sure what was going on myself at the time, just that I'd solved some complex problem rather easily, when I could see it visually in 3D.

    But anyway, once this simple little solution was implemented, the root two value I'd struggled to get in place, due to rounding errors, floating point and CPU limitations, just sort of fell out. Kind of like spilling some grains of wheat into a bowl, but just leaving them there and going on with life. Later someone accidentally dropped water into the bowl, but didn't clean up, just went on with life. As luck would have it the grains didn't mold or spoil, but happened to sprout finding the environment was just right to sprout. The grains of course couldn't help but sprout because the environment was just right for their purest nature to appear. And I admit, such a story as I'm telling you know is ... well, purely irrational. But it continues ... irrationally so ...

    Then someone else haphazardly put another bowl on top of the sprouting grains and used the bowl inside a bowl to make a one-dish meal. That person happened to really press that inner bowl down hard, and it crushed all those sprouted grains into a sort of pasty dough, bowl shaped of course, without even knowing what was happening or realizing there were two bowls. Then that person baked the one-dish meal, yes put the two bowls in the oven and later served their tasty dish. During cleanup of the bowl, finally someone realized it all and saw this pasty mess, no longer a pasty dough but now thoroughly glued and baked in place between the bowls. But as the inner bowl is somehow peeled away, the dishwasher discovers the most tasty and naturally sweet bread ever ... yes, that is what happened to me sort of, I just didn't realize I could eat the bread at that point.

    Again, this is what had happened, without realizing it, I had baked some tasty bread. Well, not yet even knowing it ... I wondered, "Well, now that I've solved this simple problem, what can I make of it." And this happened partially because of the response I'd gotten to my 'solved it visually' posting, and I thought "Well, if I show that the solution can do other things, then maybe more people will see value." And so I did ...

    Using this simple object I started making more complex objects, and about the only thing I did recognize, being OCD, is that the constructions were in fact perfect. The little errors were gone, I could make the objects exceedingly large in order to look for the finest, the most fine imperfections, but couldn't find any.

    Now you might, contrarian that you are, the RATIONAL PERSON THAT YOU ARE, yes YOU, might decide to rationally say, "But there are still going to be pixel limitations and so on." To which I might respond, "Ah yes, but don't look at the bowls, look at the bread." Further I might say, "If you want to learn how to make the tastiest sourdough ever, you have to bake it. You have to bake the bread." But this is more a statement of the journey, not the process. If you look for the irrational, rationally, well, it's hard to see, look irrationally, then you'll see, yes then you'll see and perfectly so.
    "What? You seem kind of irrational to me now," you find yourself thinking, rationally so ... and the first lesson you must understand ... is this ... To see irrationally, you can't approach it rationally, it will never work. You can get really, really, really close ... but never get the real thing. Just like trying to use rational numbers to show someone Pi. Take it out to four quadrillion decimal places to the power of five quadrillion, all to the power of a quadrillion to the quadrillionth power, and take all your life to do it, then at the end of your life you proudly show everyone your life's work which is by far the most accurate representation EVER of Pi. And some irrational little Johnny will simply say to you, "It's close, but just not real Pi. I want perfection, I want the real thing, I want to see Pi." In that moment, you realize you've wasted your whole life creating a replica, and rationally speaking, all your life certain that your approach was right.

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    Now back to my story, back to what happened to me ...

    I started building more complex objects and without initally realizing what precisely was happening, but as time went by, realized something certainly was happening to me. Nothing bad, rather my whole outlook on life, the things I thought about, the things I found myself doing.

    You see, I found myself ... acting irrationally, and not sure why. You might think, "I know, this Dude started going crazy, and is just about to step into the deep end of the pool, and, rational person that I am, see clearly he can't swim." And further you think to yourself, "Hey, I want to see what happens when this crazy irrational person does step off into the deep. Bring me some popcorn."

    In actuality, I found myself ... baking bread. This really wasn't unusual for me. But for some reason found myself wanting to simplify bread making to the most simple ingredients possible, and wanted bread made the simplest way, and yet with an outcome of the best bread I'd ever tasted, a nourishing and simply made bread. That was the goal, that for some reason, well remember, I am OCD, I found myself doing just this. I wanted to be the garden owner but not the gardener, I wanted good bread without having to take days to do it.

    Along with this, for some reason that is unusual for me, I found myself going to a nearby beach on really sunny summer days, and trying to mediate. At times people would make fun of me, and being a male and apparently a lonely male there alone on the beach, rational people would think, "He must be up to no good."

    What did actually happen is people started showing up with ill intent. What I mean is, literally, people who were not there to enjoy the beach started hanging around, and for some reason started paying special attention to me. Long story short, these people started exploring all the 'no good' that I must be up to, apparently with the aim to catch me in the act of 'no good' and, rationally speaking, then punish me for being 'no good'.

    As an example, one day as I was leaving the beach to go home, a young and attractive woman sort of appeared, appeared where it made no sense for her to appear. She was there and knew she was attractive and let me see, and believe you me, I noticed. However, I was in fact on the beach to meditate, my heart was filled with good intent, and at least in that moment I didn't act on any rational earthly desire, and did in fact, perhaps irrationally for a male alone with a very attractive female, just go on and ignore her. Having stepped away now and surmising the situation from afar, I realized not only was the female attractive and dressed in a very sexy way, she was also underage. Then I noticed another vehicle that apparently was filming the whole event. I realized it was all an entrapment, and I was the wild animal on the loose that needed to be rationalized. But, at least in those times of meditation, my heart had no evil intent, so I was immune to these rational entrapments. In those times I had no reason to fear evil, and didn't.

    Yet another thing is, I started playing, or rather banging on, a djembe drum. Why? I don't know why, for me it was, purely irrational do to so. I'm an engineer, and ambitious and rational engineer. "Ain't nobody got time for that," said rationally as an engineer would say.

    But what was this all for? Why was I, literally actually and factually, baking bread and meditating, and making awful sounds with a djembe that scared away my irrational cats. It made no rational sense. Well, maybe it did. You see during this time, my brain truly was, as Jim Morrison famously sang, "Squirming like a toad," and had been since I'd done that simple visual problem solving with the hololens, and then tested it and proved to myself with more complex structures, "Yes, it really worked, and I've proven it to myself by showing it in more complex structures." I knew something had happened, and through testing it, and passing the tests, this put my mind in a relaxed state so I began to understand and accept it mentally, but had no words to describe it, no numbers to describe it, in fact all my years of rational training in schools and universities gave me no clues, no rational clues.

    While meditating and not doing so very well, I was reviewing in my squirming toad-like mind my rather stupid sort of life that I'd lived up to then, and found some really trivial events that had happened and events that sort of always hung on in my memories. I might think, that was such a stupid little thing, and why am I thinking about it now. Be GONE! You stupid thought, I'm rational and living in the rational world. So be GONE, you irrational memory." This is really what might happen in those moments in conversation with myself.

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    "Well, what sort of memory?" You might enquire of me.

    One time in graduate school at a gathering, another student trying to find common ground so we could have a discussion and entertain ourselves, he being musical and toying with math and me being purely hard sciences and engineering ... he impressed upon me that certain musical notes, the most beautiful musical notes of all, when written out in frequences, say 440 Hz, can't in fact be written out precisely, or perfectly written or displayed because they contain an irrational value. These notes are of root 2, so to write out the frequency you have to use a symbol, you can't write it out precisely, you can only ever provide a close replica or a symbol, but never the actual note.

    And so it goes, we build musical instruments, very rationally and with the greatest precision, and they do play 440 Hz, perfectly, but never, it seems, a root 2 note. If you let a little child touch it, touch your hundred thousand dollar strativar... whatever it is, if you let that little child touch and likely break, you think, your fortune ... then you may in fact get to hear something you'd never heard from that instrument. "You mean like it being banged on the floor and broken by this little irrational child?" you might ask. "Yes, I respond, pure irrationality in action." Because you are rational, you certainly keep that child far, far away from your rational treasure, this instrument that was rationally build.

    But you, yes YOU, and me, have probably heard a root two note, a pure and beautiful and blissful and loveable root two note ... because when we did, the beauty, the pure beauty and bliss and perfection and adoration, in fact everthing that is the essence of good rather than evil, was revealed to us in that instant when we heard the note. But it was just for an instant, and you may recall, "Yes, I remember and I wanted more but it just didn't happen."

    But if you can think back precisely to a time when you did hear that note, I propose to you now, something else happened too. Something happened, perhaps very subtlely or with great force, but something, something happened just before you heard it, something happened that was irrational, purely irrational. Not rationally irriational, but irrational in the most pure sense of the word, from a mathematical perspective now. Something irrational happened, and then you heard a root two note. You heard the note, ity broke right through though your rational training up to that point in your life, you'd learned to ignore the irrational, to think rationally and so you did, you acted rationally, but certainly you did hear the root two note, you heard it, it stopped you in your tracks. It was the embodiement of beauty. You can remember it, but though you may have tried, you could never, ever, never ever, describe it perfectly so that someone else could experience the wondrous even you experienced. You don't have the words or numbers, you see .... it was purely irrational, but still it embodied ALL that was and is and will ever be ... GOOD. Good in the sort of sense of the opposite of evil. In that moment, evil had made an exit because Pi was conjured in that moment.

    Now I digress ... or do I? ....

    I have a garden because I wanted fresh fruits and veggies and am a bit of a cheapskate, but a person who wants to eat well and eat healthily well. So I began gardening. It takes time, money and more. You buy tools and learn techniques and read books. I found to have a garden, you need to be a gardener. You have to spend a lot of time gardening. But I envisioned myself differently, "I'm not a gardener, I'm a software developer," and stopped gardening for the most part. But what did happen is, I continued to throw food scraps into some places, and without realizing it, nourished the soil. Some weeds appeared and I let them be, and without realizing it, weeds the soil needed for nourishment grew along with plants that benefitted from the existing nourishment. But over time, without rational and direct action on my part, something did take hold and grow and take over this part of soil, and it was black raspberries.

    And as it turned out these berries were very beneficial in many ways. I learned to use them and they were plentiful, and the primary work was simply to pick the berries. It was the sort of gardening I'd envisioned a software developer should be doing, and that is to walk into a garden and pick ripe wondrous tasty beautiful blissful and adorable garden gifts that were ready to go, or eat on the spot with no muss, no fuss, just bliss on the tongue and warmness in my belly.

    Imagine if you will, standing on a sunny day, standing in this berry patch and putting a single berry into your mouth, and you too will immediately feel this single raindrop of ... of .... of .... the beautiful irrational that had occurred and continued to occur right here in the black raspberries.

    What happened is I had unknowingly created a fertile environment, and you see, the berries couldn't help but show up. If I'd had rationally approached the garden situation, I could have plowed and tilled and fertilized and de-weeded with poisons and physically anguished, all very rational actions, to grow berries, but they would have been rationally grown berries, and you could then eat mouthfuls and mouthfuls and never quite get the same irrational beauty as you would by eating just a single irrationally grown berry. Do you see? Do you see what I'm saying? Can you see what I'm saying ... or the most important question of all ... I ask you now ... the most important question anyone will ever ask you all your life ... Here It Is ....

    Can you see Pi?

    Or have you been so rationalized, all your life taught the rational ways, such that not only do you not see Pi, you don't even look for it. I mean why would you, why be irrational Johnny? After all, who needs that scolding in life, we've already got that scolding so many times, and in so many ways, because there are so many ENFORCERS of the RATIONAL all around us. Teachers, police, doctors, preachers and pastors and anywhere and everywhere you find an institution, you find rationale and ENFORCERS of the RATIONAL. Institution = Rationale. Can I open up another truth to you? No, it's too early in this story ... but your life is unfolding now, already it's changed imperceptibly. If you've gotten this far, it's too late. You're in the rabbit hole now buddy.

    You're in the rabbit hole now buddy, or ma'am. Welcome. "Welcome to the land of the irrational, the land where everything good is embodied in ...uh, what word can I use ... you see it's all around, if we need more we conjure it." Well, it's almost that easy, no, it is that easy if you can see just single raindrop of Pi amongst the enormous immense rainstorm of evil surrounding us. If you can be purely irrational and catch just that drop of Pi, you can bake wondrous bread, you can add wondrous beauty.

  • The bottom line ....

    So the thesis is, if you can be purely irrational, not rationally irrational, but irrational in the Pi sort of perfect way, then Pi will manifest. In such an environment Pi can't help but manifest. If you nourish the soil for Pi, Pi will grow. Even though the words and numbers have been taken from us, this is the secret to creating more Pi ... and it's everywhere, and it's ... beautiful, well almost ... it's lovely, yes almost ... it's, it's .... I just don't have the words you see ... it's 3.14, yes almost ... it's 3.14159265358979323846264338327950288419716939937510582097494459230781640628620899 8628034825 3421170679 ... I just don't have the numbers either .... but that is close.

    well, yeah but don't you understand yet that with our words or our numbers all with can ever create is just a worthless replica, because Pi is Perfect and not mostly perfect, but purely perfect in the most pure sort of sense of the word pure. Again, Pi is perfect and unmistakeably so.

    So pure and perfect in fact, it is very easy to recognize Pi, very simply and trivially easy to distinguish any and every replica of Pi, and to distinguish immediately without thought or effort of any sort. Pi is perfect and every single replica that can ever be made to represent Pi is imperfect, else it would be Pi and not a replica. In your life any and everytime you've experienced Pi it stopped you in your tracks with it's perfect beauty.

    At this point ....

    At this very rational person, a learned and educated person, may well think out loud or silently ...

    "But remember, we live in a practical world, we live in a rational world ... so all your philosophy, and your attempts to describe what is happening, are all irrational. I refuse to believe you, there's nothing practical for me here ... you're an idiot and I'm going back to my rational life. Fuck off you ignorant stupid idiot." And ... what do you do?

    What do you do? Now at this point. What do you do?

  • Pi? What is it?

    A child readily understands Pi, because by nature we are perfectly, perfectly, perfectly and beautifully, beautifully, beautifully, and blissfully, blissfully, blissfully, and adorably, adorably, adorably ... and in a lovely, lovely, lovely way perfect. But we've been taught otherwise, but our nature, our purest nature, is Pi. Not a close replica, but exactly precisely and perfectly Pi. And, as it goes by rational inference now, which you know now ... Pi is perfection, it's beauty, it's love and adoration. Pi is the embodiment of good. Evil on the other hand isn't perfect, rather evil tends to be powerful because that how evil spreads, through power. But a good person, never needs to fear evil, not at all. A good person infected with evil just needs to see the evil. If you can see Pi, you will readily see the evil. You will readily see evil. You will also see evil and ignore it ... evil ignored will go away as the environment isn't right for it to grow.

    "This author is irrational." You may think, "Why repeat words three times?"

    And me, the author, now thinking and acting for some reason just like a cat, answers ... "Why wouldn't I? I've saved the best for last." And I swallow.

    You reread that paragraph above and think rationally to yourself, "Well the author did seem to write it out 3 times, but there's more, there's something more, and I can't quite put my finger on it. Oh I see, the author repeated words something like 3.14 times ... but not quite, well, sorry I don't have the right words to think about it."

    And so it goes ... rationally speaking. But how could I explain it to you rationally, with rational words and numbers? I can't, you have to be irrational with me, then it is trivially clear.

    Pi ... the embodiment of all that is good and perfect. Pi ... which by its nature excludes anything and everything evil.

    Or .... yes, this is the yin and yan in other words ... the good and evil that define our lives ... oh boy, we've gone full circle now.

    Are you still here in rabbit hole with me?

    Pi? What is that? "The ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter." Might say the learned person of rational thought, the learned person of rational schooling.

    I answer, "Yes, sort of. Pi manifests when the circle is perfect. But Pi manifests anywhere there is pure irrationality, it can't help itself, when the soil is nourished, Pi grows. Pi doesn't decide to show up, the black raspberries didn't decide to show up, whenever, where ever there is pure irrationality, Pi shows up."

    Once you see Pi you are able respond to a rational person, "All the perfect and beautiful words to describe Pi, have been taken from us, PURPOSELY." You continue, "The numbers given to us to use, can never show Pi, the numbers needed have been taken from us, PURPOSELY."

    We've been rationalized, we've been taught lies. Further, the pure word 'rational' has been reversed and it's what we now call irrational. The pure word 'irrational' has been taught to us as rational.

    In another world, another place, an irrational person walking down the street senses something is wrong, senses that evil is about. This person easily follows this purely irrational instinct and walks up to a house and looks through the window and films the evil in order to show others. And what they see is pure evil, and it's clear because there is no Pi there. Why does this person know? Because this irrational person sees Pi, and it's easy to see evil, pure evil or otherwise, it's trivially easy. But pure evil in an irrational world is sort of out of place.

    (Yes, the evil side of yin yan is in it's cycle and has taken hold. The rational world is tilting the irrational world and all irrationality is slipping away it seems, and rationality has firmly and almost completely taken over ... yin, yan. We, in this world, just happen to be in the evil cycle.)

    On the way to alert other irrational people of the evil, this irrational person with obvious proof, both witnessed with eyes and in memory and backed up with a filmed video, is stopped by the ENFORCERS of the RATIONAL. The ENFORCERS were warned about this irrational person lurking about, many many rational people who were taught how to see irrational people immediately called and warned the ENFORCERS you see, which is a rational action for rational people to take, in order to stamp out irrationality.

    Without being able to rationally defend these irrational actions, the irrational person is arrested for trespassing, for being a peeping Tom, for possessing child pornography and sent to a rational jail for many, many years or until such time they become rational.

    The ENFORCERS, who confiscated the film, need to watch it many, many times ... for analytical and rational reasons, then they store it away in their vast collection of confiscations. But the images in their brain, the pure evil, infects them. The house where the evil occurs is fenced in, guards are hired, secrecy is tightly enforced, and the same house holds parties for the ENFORCERS of the RATIONAL, where, the seeds of evil planted in their heads, are grown into all sorts of new plants of evil. All rational actions and results ... of the rational world.

    Hmmm .... the house of evil is now a house of guarded secrecy, and a house of power. It's now an institution of the rational, where children are 'rescued' from their irrational lives and given a chance to live .... to live ... rationally, in the rational world. Or as the ENFORCERS, who are rewarded with rational gifts of gold and beautiful companions, would say it, in a moment of clarity and explanation like this to some newly 'rescued children',

    "Welcome home kids, welcome home to the land of reality and rationality, now bend over cause here it comes ... spread those legs, cause here it comes ... on your knees and tremble in fear ... cause here comes a dose of reality for you."

    "Ahhhhh, wwwwooooowww, ooooowwwhhhwwioioooo ... that was such a powerful, pleasureful, and ... I almost hate to say it deliciously sinful bit of rationality. God I want more orgasms just like that." Says the ENFORCER who just dropped his second load of sperm that evening into the body of an innocent child and still irrational child. A child that grows up to be an ENFORCER later on and repeat the evil over and over, a child just given a full on hard core lesson in reality.

    And thus it is, all over the land of the rational, hidden fenced in childrens' homes, places of secrecy, institutionalized places where children are taken ... well, rationally speaking, "Taken there for their own safety." Yes, taken there and raped of their innocence, raped of their irrationality, and given a full dose of rationality. Just like a vaccine.

    And the fence and guards? "We can't have freaks coming around all the time looking in the windows," says the fully rational guard, very rationally so.

    Any why all the expensive vehicles that keep coming and their rich and rational owners who keep donating to the institution? I mean why don't they build homes and give them away to keep families together and children at home, why do they keep giving you so much money? And the guard,, rationally speaking, answers, "Well, look buddy, I can't give you the answer to Pi, no one can, so just F&*k Off, eh, or I'll call some ENFORCERS of the RATIONAL who will come and take you away, because by asking these irrational questions you're really irritating me, and you see I'm rational."

    And so it is ... you give up trying to draw the perfect circle, you accept the rational situation, and you walk away. You live in rational world. You've been scolded once again and wonder to yourself, "Why don't I ever learn."

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    You don't ever learn the rational world completely, the impefect rational world, the world now nearly of pure evil, because by nature you're perfect and pure, by nature, your nature, you embody Pi. But you've wrapped your inner self and hidden it away under layer after layer after layer of rationality.

    As a child you could see Pi, frequently and often. Because you could, you could also, without even thinking about it, you could also nourish the environment with pure childish irrationality, and Pi would show up and those around would enjoy it too. You could do it and do it easily, because it was not done by following a recipe, following rationally by adding a teaspoon of this, a cup of that. You did it innocently, purely, and beautifully irrationally because ....

    Because in life you hadn't been yet taught rational life, for instance that it was rational for an ENFORCER to walk up to another being and shoot them dead on the spot. To send that spiritual luminary back to being a star in our sky.

    Yes, You had to learn that rational lesson of rational life, and had to learn it rationally. But ... yes, you are deep down, irrational and perfect and understand there is something irrationally wrong. This because you embody Pi, but it's hidden from you. But you embody Pi. And Pi is ... perfect, not nearly perfect, just perfect. It's Pi after all.

    What if you could retain your childhood ability to see Pi, or raise it up again?

    You can, my fellow traveler, you can. And I can tell you how.

    If you could see Pi and conjure it ...

    Others would see it too and be joyous, but just for brief moments, because good parents are rational parents and quickly teach you to to be rational. Good teachers are rational teachers and teach you to be rational.

    You can't be irrational in the rational world ... or can you be?

    So ... you were taught the rational, you were never taught to expand your capacity to conjure Pi, to add beauty and bliss and adoration and the embodiment of EVERYTHING good to your environment and for the enjoyment of everyone around you, those who would see and feel and experience the Pi you conjured and then share some of their unique Pi with you ... compounding the Pi into extraordinary and purely perfect ... Pi environments.

    Yes, we've been lied to all our lives. Pi has been hidden, purposely. We've been taught the rational is somehow good though not perfect, and not perfect but good enough (yes, only good enough to let evil propogate freely and powerfully), taught this purposely. We've not been taught the irrational, purposely. In fact, the words rational and irrational have even been swapped, reversed, in order to confuse us even more and ensure we stay confused, to ensure we stay nearly perfectly rational. Nearly perfectly. Nearly ... nearly perfectly ... but evil is simply not perfect. Pi is.

    But how did you do it? How can I begin again to see Pi.

    With all this now written, I can say "I used the hololens to see Pi." It was all an accident, a pure irrational accident, but because it happened ... Pi showed up and manifested. For a year I struggled, to even begin to describe it, my brain squirmed, I squirmed. But because Pi is perfect and beautiful, it was bound to happen, and it did. Even though the words to describe Pi were taken from me or were never given, even though the numbers to describe Pi were taken from me or never given, even though the techniques to conjure Pi were purposely, rationally, shielded from me. Even amidst all the powerful evil ... Pi happens, good happens. And it did.

    Life experience or destiny gave the ability to explain it all ... and in my rational mind it's the only way it could go ... to explain it all almost, almost clearly, almost perfectly rationally. But I can't, you see explain perfectly, because a purely irrational concept can not be explained rationally, but you can come close.

    Yin, yan ... it's a cycle and the time of evil is starting to fade, it's peak has passed. This tiniest little irrational sprout poked it's irrational little head up and is getting just a few photons of light. But, the cycle continues ... it's time for good to reign ... and soon evil will fade to just a distant memory before its time comes again.

    Thank you hololens, for raining upon me ... a single little tiny drop of Pi, amidst the rainstorm of evil we live in today.

    The time has come my irrational friends ... it's our time to let our irrational little lights shine ... our little lights of Pi amongst all this evil in this rational world.

    It's time to shine, irrationally!

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    The rational enforcers have already been here and 'removed' parts of the post. I'll try to find another board to post it all. Critical elements essential for understanding are gone.

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    I suspect I'm done here with the Microsoft forum. But the original, mostly unadulterated post is available at least for a while over at the reddit hololens. Read it there. The full post here has been adulterated.

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