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Creating and assigning spatial anchors

I've been trying to create, save and load HoloToolkit's WorldAnchors to GameObjects in the hololens, but can't make sense of it.

Here's what I have:

In "Start()" I first create the anchor store

void Start ()

WorldAnchorStore anchorStore;

When I placed a hologram using gaze, I create an anchor and save it to the store:

        WorldAnchor anchor = placeObject.GetComponent<WorldAnchor>();
        if (anchor == null)
            anchor = placeObject.AddComponent<WorldAnchor>();
        anchorStore.Save(placeObject.name, anchor);

Next time I run, I would try and load the anchor when the anchor store is ready:

void AnchorStoreReady(WorldAnchorStore store)
    anchorStore = store;

private void LoadAnchor()
    anchor = anchorStore.Load(placeObject.name, placeObject);

The moment I do this, my gameobject 'placeObject' ends up at 0,0,0.

What piece am I missing?

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  • @dotMorten is the transform position of the object you attached this script to at 0,0,0 ?
    You could also refer the ImportExportAnchorManager.cs script from the HoloToolkit which does something similar.

  • @neerajwadhwa Well... I've tried various things. What is the correct process? If I want to move the object using gaze, I constantly update the transform while in place-mode based on the raycast hit. So do I update the transform, or do I create a world anchor first and update that?

  • @dotMorten we recommend that you have a gameobject which you treat as your anchor (could be a parent gameobject at 0, -0.25, 2). Have your World Anchor script on this gameobject. Then your placement hologram could be a child of the parent anchor game object and will be rendered relative to that position. And now you can move this placement hologram with your gaze. This way your anchor position will always remain constant and your holograms will render relative to that position. You could choose to show a hologram at that anchor location too but you don't have to. You placement hologram will be the one people care about and anchor will almost be invisible.

    Also, we do recommend creating an anchor first.

  • dotMortendotMorten
    edited April 2016

    Thanks but it's still not clear.

    Let's say I want to place a hologram (1,2,3) - a location I got from the gaze hittest.
    Do I just set the transform on the parent gameobject to 1,2,3, and then what do I do with the WorldAnchor? Do I just add the component, and it'll automatically know that what it's associated with is at 1,2,3?
    Or do I create a world anchor and set the transform on this instead?

    When I'm loading the anchor from the anchor store, how do I get it's anchor position on to the game object? Do I read it's transform and copy the transform on to the gameobject's transform, or do I just attach the loaded anchor to the gameobject? (currently when I attach a gameobject loaded from the anchor store, the gameobject jumps to (0,0,0) and ignores any transform set on it )

    Any chance you have some code showing how to do this workflow?

    The 'ImportExportAnchorManager.cs' is not a good example since it is throwing the anchor sharing all over it making it very confusing to dissect (but granted this is at least how I got this far - which isn't far).

  • @dotMorten for the specifics above and perhaps World anchor in Unity will help:

    1. When you want to persist a gameobject you can attach the WorldAnchor component to it. You attach the WorldAnchor to the actual gameObject. Consequently the WorldAnchor will be the coordinate of your gameObject. Whatever those coordinates may be.
    2. Then you can Save the WorldAnchor component to the local WorldAnchorStore so your HoloLens can remember it.
    3. You cannot move objects once you have a WorldAnchor component attached to them. To move objects that already have a WorldAnchor, destroy that component on the gameObject and then move it, re-add the WorldAnchor component.
    4. You can get the gameObject on the anchor by doing self.gameObject.

    Please help me understand what exactly is your scenario if these steps don't help answer your questions.

  • @neerajwadhwa Thanks. This is what I'm doing:
    1. use the gaze to place an object by modifying the gameobject's transform based on the gaze raycast.
    2. When place is complete assign a world anchor component to it and then save the anchor to the anchor store.
    3. When app is relaunched, I load the anchor and assign it back to the gameobject (not modification of the transform explicitly).

    1 and 2 seems to work just fine. The problem is 3. The moment I attached the anchor I loaded from the anchor store, the gameobject jumps to (0,0,0), and not to the location I originally placed it at.

    Regarding your #3 point, I assume if I want to re-place the gameobject to a new location, I should destroy the world anchor while in place mode, and then create a new one when done?

  • @dotMorten @Patrick 's script is ensuring that you delete the World Anchor that you already saved and then re-saving it when you move your placement object again. Since you cannot save the same anchor name twice in the local anchor store. Please see if you were hitting that issue.

  • I was trying this out in the unity editor, but for some reason WorldAnchorStore.GetAsync(AnchorStoreReady); never completes. Is there not a way to get the WorldAnchorStore in the Unity Editor?

    Stephen Hodgson
    Microsoft HoloLens Agency Readiness Program
    Virtual Solutions Developer at Saab
    HoloToolkit-Unity Moderator

  • trying to save the world anchor returns a null reference error even though i have a world anchor attached to the gameobject and references as a public anchor.

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