CameraIntrinsics always null

Hi all,
I installed and updated the most current version of the RS4 preview on the hololens. My app uses MediaCapture to read frames from the camera and also uses the CameraIntrinsics object attached on the the VideoMediaFrame to track objects. Somehow the CameraIntrinsics as well as some other objects are always null. How do I get the datra CameraIntrinsics object now?

Thank you in advance

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  • Thank you for the bug report! We've reproduced this issue internally and are investigating it now.

  • Hi ChimeraScorn

    I encountered the same problem as snat. Is there any news regarding this issue?

    Thank you :-)

  • I have the same issue here.

  • edited June 2018

    Same here, even the CameraProjectionTransform as mentioned in is null for the depth camera!

    any news regarding the issue, ChimeraScorn?

  • Same issue. I have never had issues with grabbing CameraIntrinsics from a VideoMediaFrame from the RGB camera, but I get null when trying to retrieve them from a VideoMediaFrame that I obtained from the depth camera. I can barely do anything useful with the depth camera without being able to get its intrinsics. An update on this would be nice.

  • It's been several months without an update on this issue. Is there another forum where this issue is being tracked and its status is updated? Has there been a decision made that the depth camera intrinsics won't be made available?

  • Actually i still have the same problem.. i can not continue to work without this intrinsics. My Hololens is up to date. Pls Help :(

  • Hi @MrNiceguy, please file feedback in Feedback Hub if you haven't already so we can verify what's happening, and we'll look into it. Thanks!

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