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Streaming Not working

It seems that for some reasons, the live streaming on the Windows Developer Portal doesn´t work when I run application that are using camera frames for some reasons (example: Vuforia, or save the current frame after a gesture).
Why? How to solve his?
Furthermore, the streaming available from the Window Developer Portal needs too often a refresh because sometimes it stops. It´s very uncomfortable for a end-user to refresh the page so often. Is there a way to improve the performance of this streaming?


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    Hello, it won't solve your device portal problem but did you try steaming through the Hololens companion application? You create a local network with your PC/tablet and connect your Hololens on it. There is no delay comparing to the device portal and it does not stop as often.

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    Do you mean the one available in the Windows Store?

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    With that App I don´t need to refresh but still the same problem with Vuforia and each application that use the Camera

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    Yes I meant that one. Ok sorry I can't help you... I hope someone will answer you!

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    I really hope so.. please, someone has an idea to solve this?

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    So, the first part of your question was answered in your other post. As far as the Mixed Reality Streaming stability, I have found my best bet to do it over USB. If you get a good, long USB cable, you can connect to the Device Portal over usb at

    This reduces the lag and the disconnections considerably. The other option is to get a portable wifi router that you can use exclusively for the HoloLens and your computer so that you get nothing competing for bandwidth.

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    Thanks Jesse

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    I am experiencing the same problem. Somehow my app won't share the camera with either live streaming on portal site or the Mixed Reality Companion app. The only way I could do live stream is to uncheck PV before the streaming was established, but without PV the background would be just black. I am considering this solution: https://github.com/Microsoft/MixedRealityCompanionKit/tree/master/SpectatorView, but that would be my last resort.

    Hope this would help, and could you letme know if you found a better soluiton.


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    Even the direct USB from hololens to the laptop is lagging 3-4 secs. Is there any way we can reduce this further?

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