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How to Split oversized PST files?

Softaken PST Splitter software is a very robust & powerful tool that helps you split large Outlook PST files into smaller files as per requirement.
Salient features:
Fastest and Efficient for this process
Splits PST files by Size, Date, Email ID, and Folders
Splits PST files into smaller ones and prevents corruption
Preserves the structure of original PST files after splitting
Supports MS Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007 & 2003
High-Quality compatibility
Demo version to try


  • There are multiple solutions are available that Splits PST for Mac files into smaller ones. This helps to prevents file corruption. I found few solutions that can easily split large sized pst files into small outlook data files. Split by year, date and size is possible with multiple tools. I used this utility when my outlook was slow and facing memory issue. I used this tool :- http://www.toolscrunch.com/mac-split-pst.html

  • As above mentioned that there are multiple solutions are available on the web which helps to split large PST files into single PST file. Here I am going to share one of them named Bitdataconversion Split PST file software. It provides multiple options to split PST file like: by date, by folder, by year and by size.

    Read More: http://pstmanagement.blogspot.com/p/splitting-pst-files-in-multiple-files.html

  • Split PST tool is excellent utility which divides large PST file into manageable and smaller PST files. Split PST File Software Support Outlook All version. You can try this application.
    More info visit here: http://www.toolsbaer.com/pst-split/

  • In order to split oversized PST file, you can use KDETools Outlook PST Splitter tool. It can split large or oversized PST files into small data files as per your requirements. It supports all the versions of MS Outlook and Windows OS.
    For more information visit here: https://www.kdetools.com/pst-splitter/

  • I am here with a tool which will help the user to split large pst file into small easily the user can build single PST or separate PST files for selected or every chosen folder individually.
    Various options to split large PST files i.e. Size, Folder, Date, or Sender's Email ID.
    Free trial for PST Split tool is also available online to save the first 25 emails.
    for more information click here: https://priyankaarya.kinja.com/software-to-split-pst-files-in-smaller-parts-1835798079?rev=1561368859584

  • Split Large PST Files into Small Ones is best used by Outlook users to split oversize PST files into smaller parts. The software easily reduces PST size by dividing then into smaller chunks. The software divides large and heavy PST files into multiple smaller parts. The software has capability to break entire Outlook database like journals, notes, task, contacts, calendars etc. Split PST creates NEW PST for each splitted item and you can save those splitted PST at your desired location

    Visit at ; http://www.outlookconverter.net/pst-splitter/

  • To split an Outlook PST files into multiple small files try Outlook PST Splitter. This software supports all versions of Outlook and Windows OS. Through this Splitter, you can split each and every single item such as Calendar, Contacts, Inbox, Outbox, Deleted Items, Sent Items and Drafts. By using this Outlook PST Splitter users can easily avoid the risk of data corruption, which arises due to oversized PST file.

    Read for more info:-http://www.pst-splitter.com/

  • Try this excellent Split PST tool to split your oversized PST files into small parts. Outlook PST Splitter is that one software that will preserve your PST’s original file structure as per your requirements. Apart from that, the software will provide different options to split the Outlook file data.
    Split PST by Date
    Split PST by Size
    Split PST by Year
    Split PST by Folder
    Go by any of the options and get your enlarged PST into desired sizes and at the desired location.
    Visit here: http://www.microsoft-ost-to-pst.com/split-pst.html

  • Shoviv PST Splitter tool is a smart solution for those users who facing any issue with large PST files, which makes a delay in opening Outlook emails. Shoviv PST splitter tool split PST file easily no matter which type of PST files you want to split, It supports both PST files either an ANSI PST or a Unicode PST.

    Key features of Shoviv PST splitter tool:-
    1. Split large PST files without any issue
    2. Offer four splitting options 1. Split by size 2. Split by date 3. Split by year 4. Split by folder
    Support both ANSI and Unicode PST file
    Compatible with All window version

    For more info visit here: https://pstsplit.weebly.com/

  • If you want to divide your large PST file into another format, You can try this ToolsGround Split Outlook PST Software, This software is fully capable of splitting all MS outlook item such as emails, folders, contacts, calendars, journals, etc.
    More Info;- https://www.toolsground.com/split-outlook-pst/

  • Must Download and Install Ignissta PST Splitter and Merger software to split oversize PST file to small size pst file

    1. Split large PST file size wise
    2. Split large PST file date wise
    3. Split Large PST file Mail ID

    Split PST file utility software is now available online and you can try with trail edition, trail edition show you all features and you can split pst file with 50 email items per folder

  • If you want splits or break the oversized filed then use the Outlook PSt Splitter. It is the best software which helps users can easily break the large pst files into small pst files. This software is risk-free.
    Features of Outlook PST Splitter:
    1. Outlook PST splitter breaks the large pst file into small pst files by date, size, year and folder.
    2. This software supports all the full version.
    3. It splits the PST large files both ANSI and UNICODE.
    4. Outlook PST Splitter splits large pst files without installing MS Outlook.
    More Info: http://www.pst-splitter.com

  • In order to split large Outlook PST file take help of Shoviv PST Splitter tool
    Download this tool from here: https://download.cnet.com/Shoviv-PST-Splitter/3000-2369_4-77701493.html

  • Well there are several tools available online that can assist you to easily split the large PST file into smaller ones. Personally I would like to suggest you Stellar Splitter for Outlook. This software provides the best solution to split the large size of the PST file to split into the parameters such as date, size, folder and email id. No doubt with the help of this tool, you can easily enhance the performance of Outlook which is working slowly due to large size of PST. For more features and functions, visit https://www.stellarinfo.com/split-pst-file.php

  • The KDETools PST Splitter is the best solution to split the oversized PST files into small parts. This tool easily split the large PST files by date, size, year and folder according to user needs. This tool easily breaks the PST files in ANSI and UNICODE. This tool support all the Windows Version and Outlook version.

  • Last day I have also suffering from this splitting file problem. Thus someone suggest me the best way to split your oversize PST file in to many single parts without any loss of your data. This tool effortlessly break your big size PST file according to you.
    Go here: https://softakensoftware.com/split-outlook-pst.html

  • SmithjerySmithjery
    edited December 2019


  • Dear Author,
    The need for third-party software can only be felt if the manual has not done so. But, in my personal experience, the efficiency of the manual solution is very good if there is no special requirement to split the PST file by size, date, year and folder.

    However, if you've assumed that Outlook data files need to be broken up into smaller or multiple parts, you can use the Split PST tool to split PST into smaller files. It offers 4 unique ways to split PST files by size, date, year and folder. It provides functions to exclude deleted items before finally sharing the Outlook PST file.

    I hope this will help you

    Download from Here: https://www.dotstella.com/blog/split-pst-into-smaller-files/

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