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How reasonable is developing for the hololens via emulator?

Just asking, has anyone out there tried it? Is it reliable to rely just on the emulator? I haven't touched the tools yet as I figured it'd be best to wait for the development kit to just come down in price to a more realistic point; but I am looking forward to making some projects for it.


  • @Teirdalin yes people have tried the emulator.
    Many of us got started on the emulator before our devices arrived.

    As will all kinds of device emulators, an emulator will never totally illuminate the need to test on an actual device. In this case, it is worth noting that it is not a simulator, and that it is an image of the HoloLens OS running in the VM.

    As you might expect however, the experience of interacting with your app on an actual HoloLens device is far richer and more awesome than the experience of interacting with it on the emulator. But functionally, the emulator is a great starting point. Some advanced things are not supported on the emulator.

    If you cannot afford a device right now it is the way to go to get you started and familiar with the development process. There is lots that you can learn from using the emulator before you get your hands on a device. So yeah, I would say using the emulator is pretty reasonable for developing for the HoloLens.

    I find even now that I have devices I still use the emulator here and there.


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