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Bud - make a new friend.

I thought I'd share my Hololens application I've started developing. After participating in the Los Angeles Hololens hackathon, I was so enamored with the device that I had to order one. I'm making a holographic companion app.

Here's a video setting the general feel and showing off the initial onboarding I set up:


  • dynamic navigation mesh generation based on spatial mapping data/plane generation
  • the pet can be configured to navigate around non-planar mesh objects or ignore them (better for small cluttered apartments like mine!)
  • custom voice commands based on the name you choose for your new friend
  • (planned) have your pet learn new commands as you spend more time with him or her
  • (planned) choose from one of two different pets, which both have different personalities
  • (planned) have meaningful interactions like throwing toys, setting out items, or labeling certain areas in your environment to use

I may do an alpha release in the store so people can test out the AI pathing in their homes and see where your pet can roam, if there's interest. Thanks for looking!


  • @polyrhythm, (what a great username!)

    That is incredibly cute! Definitely add it to the store.


  • edited July 2016

    I've made some progress over the weekend.

    First up is that I've implemented a very basic, home-grown headlook system. Existing solutions for Unity weren't cutting it for me, especially for a quadruped. The image showing this off also shows a little tooltip which I've created a system for in order to onboard the player and provide tips. They use the TagAlong and Billboard component in order to stay in a good space for the player without getting in the way of play.

    I've also got a menu system which hints at some of the game mechanics I'll be implementing. You can place it on any wall and it shows you the "state" of the pet such as hunger levels and "affinity", which is my version of an experience or leveling system. More affinity = more commands and interactions!

    Getting closer to an alpha build where I can put it on the store and have something that's fun for people to play with. Next up is implementing a food bowl and a mechanic that forces you to get off your lazy butt and refill the bowl when the food is gone. :smile:

  • Adding some feedback now to show progress on your relationship with your buddy. :)

  • Food bowl is implemented now too!

  • edited July 2016

    Working on a simple shader solution for having a window effect. The scene outside will serve as a visual hint to the player of the accelerated passage of time in-game.

  • thank you @polyrhythm for sharing your progress =)
    "dynamic navigation mesh generation based on spatial mapping data/plane generation"
    I am very curious to know about the pathfinding. Do you use A* pathfinding?
    Can your pet walk on tables too?

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