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How I can display defferent content of the two eyes.

I maded some sphere 3D models to the Unity scene, but I don`t want the right eye see them.How I can do to implment this. anyone help me?

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  • @stepan_stulov said:
    Hi, Jobal.

    Check out the inspector properties of your camera. There is the "Target Eye" property which can be "Both", "Left", "Right" and "None (Main Display)". It's a speculation, as I never tested it, but you may be able to add two cameras. One of them targeting the left eye and another the right. Obviously your cameras then have to render things selectively with culling masks.

    It may, however, conflict with the fact, the Unity HoloLens Tech Preview detects the necessary camera by its tag set to "Main Camera". If two cameras have that tag - I don't know if both will be picked up or just the first one. Needs testing either way.

    Hope this helps.

    I tested your proposal,it gona work,Thank you so much for answer.

  • May I also be curious and ask what is the use case of rendering content only for one eye? Mustn't it feel unnatural / confusing?

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