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so UWP apps in general have serious latency?

hi so im currently developing a lag free pc streaming app with a html client and a modified version of ffmpeg. but when i attempted to play the html client in the the browser of my hololens it was giving a huge amount of latency. like 2 to 4 seconds. but when i navigate to the html client on my android its very fast i can instanteously see my actions from the pc. the android was using chrome. but while at first i thought it was edge. i then tried making a uwp webview and it was just as bad if not worse.

could anyone suggest to me please on how do i solve this? the wifi is not the issue cause both my phone and hololens support 802.11ac with my router


  • thanks ill try the hotspot idea then report back if it doesnt work. but the main thing is that lag i experenced also happened in windows desktop using the UWP app locally. but it worked fine in the browser on windows desktop. which is what lead me to believe it was a uwp issue.
  • pharrowpharrow
    edited October 2016

    so i had i researched further on this topic, and from what i can find i either need to know if the hololens supports Mpeg1 video codec or if it can support chromium in some way which i can't find a way for that yet. because without both the html client will not function. it uses javascript to capture the mouse which someone in another thread suggested edge has no support for javascript mouse capture. and the mpeg1 video codec with a javascript based decoder is how i'm able to obtain virtually lag free gaming, 1080p @ 60fps from a browser. the lack of such support on the hololens is preventing me from releasing a really cool app for others to enjoy.....

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