Deactivate sleep function on Windows Mixed Reality headset


We develop VR content, and we have choose the Samsung Odyssey as WMR headset.
We are facing a problem, the headset goes asleep to fast.
Is there a way to deactivate or increase the time of the sleep function.

Thank in advance for your answer or your tips.


  • Hi AllVirtual, there is not a setting for this currently. However you can vote up this request in Feedback Hub. This would be excellent feedback to send to the Mixed Reality team.

  • Hi AllVirtual,

    JayZuo is correct. There is no way to change the timeout value of the HMD to a value beyond 30 minutes. In previous builds you were able to set the time out to zero and it would keep the HMD enabled indefinitely. Unfortunately in the latest builds you can no longer set the timeout to zero. That said is there a particular scenario that requires you to keep HMD awake for a longer period of time? When the HMD goes to sleep you should be able to wake it up and just pick up where you left off.



  • @JDailey said:
    When the HMD goes to sleep you should be able to wake it up and just pick up where you left off.

    Unfortunately not - after the device (in our case, a HoloLens) comes back from sleep all the spatial mapping is messed up and we need to restart the app. I imagine @AllVirtual might have a similar issue.

    Plus, in a demo scenario like at a kiosk you want to be able to pick up and be running instantly when someone wants to see the demo - waiting half a minute for the device to "wake up" wastes people's time.

  • I see at least 2 gaming scenarios and i am not alone.

    Flight simulator : impossible to handle a long flight, you set autopilot on you remove your headset and when you're back headset is in sleep mode and app is closed...

    Racing simulator : you want to drive in an endurance race with ai as teammate. You swap driver giving control to ai, you remove headset and when you're back for your stint... headset is in sleep mode and app is closed...

  • This is very important for development!

    We have several headsets and I would be using WMR all the time because of how convenient is to put on, to test, to lift the visor to type, etc, etc. But the auto sleep function RUINS IT. SteamVR apps are closed, takes a while to start (and several tries, sometimes), and worst of all, sound is changed in some VoIP apps EVEN WHEN CONFIGURED NOT TO.

    Just for this reason I use the Vive.

    For gaming and kiosks it is a nice feature to have as well.

    I'm afraid this issue doesn't really affect many people, so judging just by the amount of votes in the Feedback Hub it won't really receive attention...

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    Does that mean the Vive can stay active indefinitely even after removing ?

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