How to use one keyword to trigger different events which have somehow relations like order?

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Just like this demo video, one keyword "check", to trigger different texts display and models display by order. I only know to use keywordManager.cs ,but have no idea how to next. Hope help, thanks a lot

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  • Thanks, stepan. @stepan_stulov I have tried KeywordRecognizer, and it does helps. However, when I use one keyword to control a 3D-model whether to render in Hololens, it fails to display 3D-model instead 2D-model in a 2D-panel, do you have any idea about how to solve this problem?

  • Hey, @Bert_Yang1

    This sounds like to general of a problem to narrow down a solution. I propose you describe your issue in more detail as a separate question/thred here on the forums.


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  • Okay, thank you [email protected]_stulov

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