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MRTK - Keyboard Prefab

Unity newbie here and I am unable to call up the prefab'd keyboard. I think the root cause of my issue is that I cant actually client on any of the UI elements (Input Field, Button, Checkbox, etc.) even after I replace the Input Field Script with the Keyboard Input Script I never get the click command needed to pull up the keyboard. Can someone help explain to me what steps I need to do to be able to pull up the prefab keyboard?



  • Please tell the specific Scene and prefab's name.

  • Can we start at the beginning?

    I created a blank solution, and added a input filed.

    How do I add a InputField and when I 'click' on the InputField the keyboard shows up.

  • Hi,
    have a look at HoloToolkit-Examples/Input/Scenes/KeyboardTest.scene. This scene shows all required components/prefabs:

    • MixedRealityCamera (Prefab)
    • InputManager (Prefab)
    • Keyboard (Prefab)
    • KeyboardInputField (Script) with references to graphic / text components on your InputField GameObject
  • Thank you so much for the pointer. I can’t wait to go home and dig in.

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