C++/DirectX best way to move holograms


I'm actually developping C++/DirectX applications with the Hololens . I'm trying to create a generic interface to interact with Holograms using gestures. Navigation and NavigationRails works just fine but i want users to be able to move Holograms while moving in the room (I want to do something as easier as moving Holograms in the Hologram app/HoloShell). I found in the documentation that Manipulation seemed to be the best gesture to achieve this, sadly, when using manipulation i only managed to create two behaviors :

  • It's very difficult to move Holograms, the moves are too slow so it's not usable
  • It's possible to move Holograms but when we move in the room then Holograms just go into space

I think that i'm missing something, I'm using the same solution as introduced in the SpatialInteractionSoucre sample for manipulation (adding the translation from "TryGetCumulativeDelta" to the position of my object), but this solution is not apparently done for moving holograms and there are no any other examples for this, except the Holograms 211 sample for Unity that is sending my Holograms into space too when I try to convert the C# script to something relevant in C++.

Do you have any informations that could help me with the manipulation or is there any other way to move Holograms the way I want ?

Thank you so much for your help ( sorry for my potential English mistakes, i'm French :) )

Have a great day :)


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