PC Building with Hololens!

Hi everyone, I want to create a Hololen App. The app is educational. It's about building a PC. I want to design a a PC tower with a motherboard inside. I want the user to be able to remove components (CPU, RAM, Graphic Card, etc.) from the motherboard and put them back in the motherboard. I don't have much experience with Hololens/Unity. Any advise or guidance would be greatly appreciated..!! something like this

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  • james_ashleyjames_ashley ✭✭✭✭

    @XeonCore if you have limited experience with MR development, maybe the right place to start is with designing what you envision. Create some storyboards of how you think the app should work. Then find a dev (or post here) to see what is feasible and what the effort to implement looks like. (This seems like a great idea you have, by the way.)

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