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Validating multiple Barcodes using Hololens

Hi, can anyone suggest solution for reading and validating multiple barcodes at realtime and giving feedback to the user?. I have the necessary library to validate a particular barcode once I am able to have a single barcode in one image. The challenge I am looking for help is 1) segregating these different barcodes into seperate images. 2) Secondly updating the validation results back to the respective boxes. Thanks!



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    Not sure if it will help/answer your question or not but I made a very quick branch of some previous code that I had for scanning QR/Barcodes on HoloLens over here;

    The branch is called MultipleBarCodes. In there, you'd find a library project (built on top of ZXing) a 2D XAML test project and a 3D Unity project which relies on the library project output and the ZXing library too.

    The test projects both work the same way. You can say either 'scan' or 'run' and they will then look for photos with barcodes in for 30s in the 'scan' case or continually in the 'run' case.

    I've hacked the library code that I had previously to allow for multiple bar codes (ZXing makes this easy) and I also hacked the XAML app so as to display the markers that ZXing gives you back for the positions of 'interest' in the bitmap - this might let you do what you want and segment the image. See the image for how that looks. I've done it in a very basic XAML way as I didn't want to spend too long writing drawing code.

    In the 3D app, I've not made any attempt to do this 'segmenting' of the image, it simply displays some results as text but you could combine the two approaches to meet your scenario.

    I hope that helps, sorry if it doesn't - good luck either way :-)

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    Do you manage to detect multiple qr with Hololens ?

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