Microsoft Edge crashes on launch

After a couple of days on the new build Microsoft Edge will not start any more. It loads and then hangs before loading the start up page.

I can't seem to find anyway to reset the app other than a device reset. Is there a way of resetting just Edge?


  • I see the same problem. Is there any way to repair Edge?

  • The last two build seem to have fixed this problem

  • I've been having this issue for some time as well, since updating to the newer OS maybe 2 months ago? I was able to update again today but Edge still does not work, just hangs as described above; and the MS Store is affected as well (can no longer DL apps). If I use the 3rd-party Monument browser I can get online, but I am concerned about the larger issues. Any thoughts?

  • When I had the problem my only fix was to reset the device

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