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Is it possible to affect real-world objects through a hologram?

Hi, working on my first project with the Hololens and had a question Google wasn't able to asnwer. Is it possible to create a game object (or hologram) that affects the world behind it? For instance if I wanted an effect that makes movement under the skin, like lungs expanding and contracting. Another example would be an effect that makes things behind it look like they are underwater. So it would be a hologram you place and then see through it to the real-world object that "appears" to be expanding and contracting?



  • stepan_stulovstepan_stulov ✭✭✭
    edited June 2018

    Hey, @arybak89

    Very good question. I suppose you want something like this, but instead of showing virtual content you'd want to show a camera feed with an effect applied to it: like a fish eye effect or some other distortion:


    I believe it's possible by getting the camera feed, applying the desired effect and then applying the right transformation matrix onto a texture on a polygon so that it accommodates for where the user is. The effect will most likely have a lag due to camera feed delays and HoloLens throttling down rendering quality on one eye when streaming, and it will not feel too immersive due to limited field of view. I believe the transformation matrix task will be the hardest.

    Not sure it's been done on HoloLens before and I certainly never did it before so my reply is going to be that abstract, I'm afraid.


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