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How many HoloLens can view a project at one time

Hi guys,

Was wondering how many HoloLens can visualize the same gameobject at the same time? I haven't tried. but wondering if anyone has experienced a limit or is it unlimited to the network?


  • It depends on a variety of factors.
    1. Environment: In a well prepared environment with ideal wall and floor colors (medium/dark gray, patters and a couple of real objects) up to 5 HoloLens can be used at the same time. Tracking stays very confident and stable.
    2. Network Quality: The HoloLens works best in a 5Ghz network with little to no other Wifi networks in the vicinity and same Wifi Channel.
    3. Sharing Type: When you use sharing with UNet, the actual footprint of data being shared is suprisingly low. All the „heavy“ data (Models, Textures etc.) are part of the app. Only the position, orientation of each HoloLens and probably Holograms are being shared. Additionally some custom command data (interaction with object A at postion B etc.) will be send.

    If you try to use Holographic Remoting and/or Mixed Reality Capture in the same context, you will be limited to 1 or 2 HoloLens because the traffic is much higher and the overall performance might be an issue as well.

    To give an example: I worked on a project whereby we created a shared experience with 5 HoloLens and additional clients in the same Wifi and physical location. It worked perfectly fine as long as the users did not „run around wildly“

    I hope this answers your question.


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