Hololens Multi Share String ? (another component than Transform)

we have a project in my enterprise to share stick hologram.
We success to share stick hologram but only the Transform, another Components doesnt share.

Typically :
User01 make Stick01
User02 can see the Stick01 and the features of it.

If User01 move Stick01 (change the Transform), User02 see the Stick01 move.
If User01 change Text inside the Stick01, User02 dont see the change.

I dont how we can do that,
i suppose we need a class like "TransformSynchronizer.cs"
( https://github.com/Microsoft/MixedRealityToolkit-Unity/blob/master/Assets/HoloToolkit/Sharing/README.md#transformsynchronizercs )
and SyncString
but we dont know how do that successfully,

we have this problem since 3 months... so every help are VERY appreciate !
Thanks a lot
(sorry for my english)



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