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Hololens Redstone 4 (RS4) issue - Help much appreciated!

Hello everyone,

We are currently in the process of finalising our Hololens Maintenance product. Recently, we updated our Hololenses to the new Windows RS4 and unfortunately this causes our application to crash at (seemingly) unpredictable moments. This bug is consuming a lot of time since that we were not able to gather any useful information that could pinpoint the cause of the problem.

We are using 2017.3.1f1 and HoloToolkit 2017.2.1.4. See below for a print of the debugger.

Any thoughts are very welcome, thank you in advance,

Nico Zink

_CRT_ASSERT caught:
minkernel\crts\ucrt\src\appcrt\stdio\output.cpp(141) : Assertion failed: format != nullptr


0x10B577F5 (UnityPlayer)
0x10B5764E (UnityPlayer)
0x10B5B170 (UnityPlayer)
0x120FBB4E (UnityPlayer)
0x55D9BC82 (ucrtbased) VCrtDbgReportW
0x55D9A9F4 (ucrtbased) CrtDbgReportW
0x55DBA403 (ucrtbased) _p__commode
0x55DD3B16 (ucrtbased) _stdio_common_vsprintf
0x11C89B7E (UnityPlayer)
0x11C89A8E (UnityPlayer)
0x105B128E (UnityPlayer)
0x12242491 (UnityPlayer)
0x5398B70A (UnityEngineDelegates) GameObject_CUSTOM_GetComponentInChildren
0x0A5930B8 (())
0x0BEA787B (())
0x0BEA781D (())
0x0BEA7123 (())
0x0BEA6F98 (())
0x0AFD6562 (())
0x0AFD6529 (())
0x0AFD4A4D (())
0x0AFD49FD (())
0x0AFCE5E5 (())
0x0AFCDDC7 (())
0x0AFD48BA (())
0x0AFD47C3 (())
0x0AFD16D4 (())
0x001DD7F0 (())
0x12C5BC53 (UnityPlayer)
0x12C67730 (UnityPlayer)
0x12C65DDD (UnityPlayer)
0x1108B23D (UnityPlayer)
0x1172AB4E (UnityPlayer)
0x1171BA27 (UnityPlayer)
0x120BF1AF (UnityPlayer)
0x120750D9 (UnityPlayer)
0x12074F08 (UnityPlayer)
0x12070D58 (UnityPlayer)
0x12070C5C (UnityPlayer)
0x121A0114 (UnityPlayer)
0x121A4FE2 (UnityPlayer)
0x121A5144 (UnityPlayer)
0x121B1A92 (UnityPlayer)
0x692F446F (threadpoolwinrt) DllGetActivationFactory
0x692F6B06 (threadpoolwinrt) DllGetActivationFactory
0x7724175D (ntdll) PssNtCaptureSnapshot
0x77241722 (ntdll) PssNtCaptureSnapshot

The program '[3280] MT.exe' has exited with code -1073740791 (0xc0000409).

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