Windows Update...Please Wait.......(I have been waiting 30 minutes)

Since the last Windows Update it appears the Windows Update has stopped working. It just says please wait and goes no further. Anyone had the same issue?

Also, I can't use feedback hub either.

Please don't tell me I have to use the emergency repair again to reload the image!


  • Peter_NZPeter_NZ ✭✭✭

    Bump. This is really annoying now. So I have two HoloLens that are doing the same thing and we have tried different internet connections and still getting the same thing. Any suggestions on what is going on here?

  • This is happening to my HoloLens as well. Any updates??

  • Bump

  • Peter_NZPeter_NZ ✭✭✭

    Okay a bit of an update. One of my HoloLens has successfully updated while the other is still stuck on the 'Please Wait...'

  • Maybe this is the point where you should contact the support

  • I have the same problem with mine. It says:
    Please Wait...
    Make Windows better

    and it won't finish showing the loading indicator

  • I wanted to add, a full reset of the Lens made it possible to download the outstanding update.

  • Same trouble here, waiting for the “Please wait” screen 45 minutes now without result...

  • Same problem here. The Hololens has been stuck on "Please wait..." for hours.
    Battery level is at 100%

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