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Unity VideoPlayer - IsPrepared() … is never prepared

Good morning,

I was trying to create a method of a class where it retrieves a video data from a www URL and then displays it with a defined position and size by clicking a button in Unity. The idea is to use part of this code for an Hololens app.

However, when I start the process the video doesn't work nor do anything. After analyzing the code I noticed that the IsPrepared() method is never-ending, it gets stuck there forever. I attached my code right beneath this comment.

public IEnumerator CreateVideo(WWW www, RawImage image)
yield return www;
//Set Size & Position
image.GetComponent().sizeDelta = new Vector2(0.5f, 0.5f);
image.GetComponent().position = new Vector3(0.5f, 0.5f, 10.0f);

    //Add VideoPlayer to the GameObject
    //videoPlayer = image.GetComponent<VideoPlayer>();

    //Add AudioSource
    // audioSource = image.GetComponent<AudioSource>();

    //Add VideoPlayer to the GameObject
    VideoPlayer videoPlayer = image.GetComponent<VideoPlayer>();

    //Add AudioSource
   AudioSource audioSource = image.GetComponent<AudioSource>();
    //Disable Play on Awake for both Video and Audio
    videoPlayer.playOnAwake = true;
    audioSource.playOnAwake = true;

    //We want to play from url
    videoPlayer.source = VideoSource.Url;
    videoPlayer.url = www.url;

    //Set Audio Output to AudioSource
    videoPlayer.audioOutputMode = VideoAudioOutputMode.AudioSource;
    videoPlayer.controlledAudioTrackCount = 1;

    //Assign the Audio from Video to AudioSource to be played
    videoPlayer.EnableAudioTrack(0, true);
    videoPlayer.SetTargetAudioSource(0, audioSource);

    //Set video To Play then prepare Audio to prevent Buffering

    WaitForSeconds waitTime = new WaitForSeconds(5);
    while (!videoPlayer.isPrepared)
        Debug.Log("Preparing Video");
        //Prepare/Wait for 5 sceonds only
        yield return waitTime;
        //Break out of the while loop after 5 seconds wait

    //Assign the Texture from Video to RawImage to be displayed
    image.texture = videoPlayer.texture;

    //Play Video
    Debug.Log("Playing Video");

    //Play Sound

    }catch (System.Exception e)
        Debug.Log(string.Format("Exception thrown whilst getting audio clip {0} ", e.Message));

    while (videoPlayer.isPlaying)
        Debug.LogWarning("Video Time: " + Mathf.FloorToInt((float)videoPlayer.time));
        yield return null;

    Debug.Log("Done Playing Video");

The RawImage Object is saved in the Prefab folder (in the future I want to instantiate the object), where I included several components as VideoPlayer, AudioSource, Mesh Renderer (in case it is needed) and a Transparent texture.

Any idea of the possible solution of this issue?

Thanks in advance!

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