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Hololens BLE Advertising issues with the latest update - 17134.165

Im using an application which sends some data to the Raspberry Pi from Hololens via BLE Advertising. Before the update, on the version - 17134.80, the BLE Advertisements were faster. Raspberry Pi 3B was able to receive 3 advertisements per second. But on the new update, version - 17134.165, the advertisements have a delay of atleast 5 seconds. I also tested by sending BLE Advertisements to Raspberry Pi 3B from my PC (Windows 10 1803 update), it also had the same amount of delay. So also tested by sending BLE Advertisements from Hololens to PC, also the same delay. I also used different versions of Windows SDKs to build the Hololens Application. Yet, not results.

At this point, rolling back the Hololens Application was the only thing left. So I rolled back the Hololens to version - 17134.80, and guess what.... there is no delay between advertisements anymore (delay of 100-300ms). So then I tested the by sending BLE Advertisements from my PC to Raspberry Pi 3B again. But it still has delays.

Its also really annoying that I cannot disable automatic updates on Hololens like the way I can do on my PC. Microsoft should really consider giving users the ability to disable the automatic updates on Hololens as well and they should test their updates before rolling out to the public.

This was not the only bug, before the recent June 2018 updates, Hololens was not able to access BLE GATT services on another device. I had raised this issue on GitHub here, which is not yet resolved. There are few issues with the same Samples provided by MS as well.
But, since the recent June 2018 update, Im able to access BLE GATT services of other devices from Hololens, but not the sample which MS have provided.

Release notes provided by MS are also not always up to date. Currently, there is no release notes for the June 2018 Hololens updates. (Here)

I hope MS will fix these BLE Advertising Bugs and keep up with the release notes for all major updates in the near future and also giving the option to disable automatic updates on Hololens.

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