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Why is shared Hologram locking when more than one user connects to the Sharing Session

I am working working on a project where we are trying to set up a tap to place demo where more than one user can tap to place a hologram, with each user seeing the shared location of the hologram in real time. The current problem we're having is that when two or more users join the Shared session, the hologram locks into place, and nobody can move it. In addition, each person sees separate the hologram in separate location. The hologram can be moved normally when only one person joins.

We are using Unity with the HoloTookit as our base. We are using the base Sharing prefab, along with the InputManager, and DefaultCursor prefabs. We are taking the TaptoPlace script, and expanding it with listeners that hook in thru an event manager to a version of the CustomMessages script that sends position data, similar in approach to the HologramPlacement script in the Hololens 240 tutorial. We think that maybe the spatial anchors for the hologram aren't getting passed correctly, but we have yet to be able to confirm that. Both Hololens are joining the Sharing Session correctly.

Does the situation above ring a bell for anybody? Thanks in advance for the help!

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    There is in fact a world anchor attached to the object. What appears to be happening is that we weren't waiting long enough for the anchor to download. We have started using the anchor debug prefab, which has given a lot better insight. We're now having a new problem, which I'll detail in a separate post, since I think it's a

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