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Another Hololense Anchor Sharing Question In Unity 2018.2.3f1 .

edited August 2018 in Questions And Answers

I have a few basic questions on sharing and world anchors.

First things first, Is it possible to re-adjust World Anchors in the Sharing Service?
my Anchored Stage Object at the top of the hierarchy just seems to find and re-download its preexisting anchor position from the anchor store. essentially snapping back to its pre-move location. I've been using the Tap to place script in the holotoolkit-unity along with sharing world anchor manager and auto join session scripts as is but so far it seems impossible to re-adjust the anchors position.

Secondly what could be done to reduce the anchors Exported data? I have tried blowing away all hologram data remapping a small portion of the room externally from my application and change the triangles per meter in my application, I've also put update time to around 1.5
but I'm still hovering around 20-14 Mb or so of data to upload/download.

So to Summarize, i'm looking for a way to reduce anchor data for export, upload and download.
I'm also looking to learn if for sharing purposes anchors cannot be re-adjusted(I.E delete world anchor from gameobject then from local store then from sharing service then sent out to the sharing service via some connections to a world anchor transfer batch call then re downloaded on other hololens)? if they can would anyone know how to do so?


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    I'm Having Trouble with The Hierarchy of Objects and Components.
    I don't know what goes where There are 4 Things that deal with Anchors. ImportExportAnchorManager never seems to be working properly for me. The Auto Join Session.cs Adds an anchor to its attached object, not sure why. sharing world anchor manager which doesn't add an anchor to an object but handles sharing anchors to server. and tap to place. which goes all they way to the world anchor manager and not sharing world anchor manager and attaches and removes anchors but seemingly only from the local store but still finds a way to go to server. i never see it remove the anchor from the server because i will always bounce back to the first anchored position.

    So again any help would be appreciated.

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    edited August 2018

    also there are multiple scripts that deal with uploading anchors.
    Import Export Anchor Manager, World Anchor Transfer Batch, Sharing World Anchor Manager, and SharingStage.instance.currentroom. Upload/Download Anchor.

    Why are there so many in and outs to do this. it makes trying to architect an application impossible on a short time frame. especially when there is very limited answers given.

    Finally with uploading any information why leave out examples of how to send byte[] data of basic unity values or references. people should be given examples to understand how to send common byte[] data for anchor sharing and specify the data size.

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