Raycast hit after teleport

So, using the example posted in MR-213 to get the hitinfo:

Physics.Raycast(sourceGripPosition, sourceGripRotation * Vector3.forward, ...)

works fine, that is until I teleport somewhere else. Once that happens, The collider being hit is incorrect. How do I correct for this? I've tried normalizing the camera position and adding the Vector3 to the sourceGripPosition and this worked, some of the time. I also tried normalizing the camera rotation and adding its value to the sourceGripRotation , but that seemed to make matters worse.

Vector3 mainCameraPosition = Camera.main.transform.position;
Vector3 normalizedCameraPosition = mainCameraPosition - StartCameraPosition;
Vector3 origin = normalizedCameraPosition + sourceGripPosition;

Vector3 mainCameraRotation = Camera.main.transform.rotation.eulerAngles;
Vector3 normalizedCameraRotation = mainCameraRotation - StartCameraRotation;
Vector3 direction = normalizedCameraRotation + sourceGripRotation.eulerAngles;


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