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Delay Spatial Observer

I am trying to delay the spatial observer without success. I am using the Unity HoloToolkit. I have modified the script to require a voice command to start observing. The voice command works but the spatial observer doesn't take find the spatial mesh. If I run this all at Start() it works fine but if it is delayed then it does not. I am assuming there is a background process that updates tells the mesh it has been updated the first update loop or something but can't seem to figure it out.


  • @Adamcbrz,
    Can you post a snippet of how you are delaying/starting the observer? That may help pinpoint the issue. Also, are you using the SpatialMapping prefab from the HoloToolkit?


  • I am using the HoloToolkit with some modifications. I added a bool to the Start method for to prevent it from starting the

    I added a bool and some debug logs to the SpatialMappingManager.

    Then use the keyword manager to call the Start and Stop observer methods

    I am happy to share the code but these was not as long winded to explain.

  • Hi @Adamcbrz,
    Since SpatialMappingManager is a Singleton, try getting your keyword recognizer to call SpatialMappingManager.Instance.StartObserver.

  • Hi @Adamcbrz
    I am facing the same problem as you. May I know how did you fix that eventually?

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