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Terminating all Holograms & Apps?

Let's say a family member (not me, never :-) got out of hand playing with the new HoloLens and left holograms & apps running around our home. Yes, you got that right, there's a large shark in my living room, an astronaut in the bathroom and some kind of monster in the attic.

Now that I'm ready to do some serious development, it's time to "end task" all these critters and other apps & games I've left around the home (and elsewhere).

Device Portal --> Processes does not yet appear to have an end task option.

Limited field of view, not otherwise bothersome to me, makes it hard spotting errant apps & holograms. And I never did like cleaning up my room as a kid.

Rebooting the device, I still find some of them come back.

Much appreciate any tips on (ex)terminating the now unwanted holographic pests!


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  • Jarrod1937Jarrod1937 ✭✭✭
    edited June 2016

    I am not 100% sure of the behavior they coded into the shell. However, I believe the positions of the holograms are based on specific environmental anchors in the spatial mesh. Thus, you can maybe try deleting your space, and the anchored holograms may disappear. The thing I am not sure about is if they will reappear after the environment is scanned again.

  • Thanks HoloSheep!!

  • I tried this and it doesn't always work. The holographic object will still be anchored but the app will be closed associated with the hologram.
    In the image I've forced Edge to close, but the hologram remains in place.

    Augment the cloud

  • @HoloSheep said:
    @BobLevy the "X" beside the app in the Apps tab of the device portal will close the app:

    You can also use a similar technique with the App Manager tab of the Desktop HoloLens app:

    This does not give us a clean result: the anchored windows are still there, in the space, although the instances of apps are already terminated.

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