Deploy HoloLens projects using IL2CPP instead of .NET

Hey Dev's
l'd like to know if and how it is possible to deploy to the HoloLens using the IL2CPP scripting backend with using the Build Window which is available in the current MRTK.
Since .NET is going to be deprecated in Unity 2018.2 it would be good to know how to get it running with the IL2CPP.


CEO UniVRsitas

Best Answer


  • I am not sure about the build window but you can deploy to the Hololens using IL2CPP and Unity's build settings along with Visual Studio.


  • Hey man, thanks for the info, will try it out.

    What is actually the big difference if you use IL2CPP or the .NET scripting backend for deploying to the HoloLens.

    Of course, eventually .NET will be deprecated but the BuildWindow which works fine with .NET really saves a lot of time.

    CEO UniVRsitas

  • One thing that I have found different between the scripting backends is that there is no need to tell unityscript to differentiate between unity_editor and uwp. I also found that you can use System namespace related operations and it will work on a UWP platform.

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